Bass Grant – Top Leader With $34 Million In Career Revenue

Bass Grant - Top Leader With $34 Million In Career Revenue

There are very few who can have longevity, consistency and real results in the Network Marketing Industry.

Bass Grant has proven to be one of those few.

With over two decades of being a leader in the personal development arena, Bass Grant confidently wears the title of a true Network Marketing Super Star.

Bass has serve as a major catalyst in the global expansion of two wildly successful companies. His fast paced, principle driven approach to leadership fueled Bass to lead over 47,000 people from all over the world, resulting in over $34 Million dollars in revenue generated within his organization.

Bass Grants #1 Goal of being an Icon in this industry is to help people reach their dreams and goals.

He is on a mission to now impact the lives of millions more.

When asked about joining iMarketsLive recently, Bass Grant says: “As a leader in this industry, I want to be in the best position to help the most amount of people not only sell a product, but to also learn a skill that can change their entire financial future.

I want to leave a legacy, and generate massive, long term-residual income, while helping other people do the same thing.”

Alex Morton on Bass Grant.

“Bass is very passionate about winning and helping others do the same. He has a heart for serving others & an extremely strong work ethic.

There’s no doubt he’s going to top here at iMarketsLive and we are very excited to have him here to help lead this movement.”

Bass Grant continues: “I was also incredibly impressed with the leadership of the CEO, Mr. Christopher Terry and the Executive Vice President Alex Morton.

I truly believe in iMarketsLive, and the timing to serve and build with this amazing company. My excitement, my passion and my goals are at all all time high!”

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