Bill And Avril MacMunn Achieve Triple Diamond Rank At Valentus

Bill And Avril MacMunn A Network Marketing Success Story

Bill and Avril MacMunn have the coveted corner office with a view of the mountains and ocean, but they don’t have to leave their house to get there.

They work from their home, which overlooks the Pacific Ocean and is a 2-minute walk to the beach.

It hasn’t always been this way though. Bill spent 30 years as a General Sales Manager in the auto industry, but knew he’d have to make a change to a better plan for retirement. Network Marketing was the answer, Bill has developed teams in three other direct sales companies earning a full-time income while working part time.

Their greatest success has been their Introduction to Valentus and to owners Dave and Joyce Jordan.  This is,

“Servant Leadership on a mission to do things right”. 

Bill and Avril stated that everyone is valued and everyone has a place within the community of Valentus. “We build People who build a business”.  Bill says. “Our success is due to the success of a team of people with a common mission and goal.”

Bill always wanted to be with a company in its infancy, which he found in Valentus, where he was able to get his “handprint on the company and to support the building of a culture that people want to be a part of”.

The Valentus culture means everyone can win.

“The average person with no experience has the opportunity to be part of the movement,”

Bill says. “It’s a real place everyone can feel they belong to.” With this company culture and the couple’s attitude, it’s no wonder so many have chosen to join their team. Bill says that the Valentus functional beverages and Oral spray technology allow the body to do what its supposed to do. “The human body is the miracle,” Bill says. “The body will change if you give it what it needs.”

The Valentus products help people make better choices with beverages, exercise and improves their emotions and mindset.  “Whether you want increased energy, better sleep, fewer pounds or detoxification,” Bill says, “whether you’re 18 or 105, there’s something for everybody.”

The Industry of Network Marketing is growing at a fast pace and Bill believes that when you allow people to grow into the best version of themselves you have a winning combination for success.  Our business is about sharing products and services to improve the lives of others.  The by product of sharing is additional income for many families along with changing lives.  It has been stated an extra $300-$500 a month has drastic benefits for many families.

“Avril and I just returned from an incredible once-in-a-lifetime trip to Ireland.  We saw a country rich in culture and history. We saw the cliff’s of Moher, Burnaby, Castle Dublin and the amazing Kylemore Abbey. But … the main thing we learned from our trip was that there are millions of people in the world just like you and I who love their families and value their friends”.

Family legacy is at the heart of most humans regardless of country or boarders…We all want to leave behind something of value for others to expand their lives and Network marketing is the opportunity for all of us to create that legacy

Can you earn life changing money?   The answer is yes.  When the skill set, time and personal growth of the individual lines up, and we pay the price of success.

Network Marketing is not a lottery it takes work!  That’s why we call it NetWORK Marketing.

There are millions of people looking at this industry looking for leadership to guide them to becoming the best version of themselves.  The future is bright with the collaboration of Leadership within Valentus with Dave and Joyce Jordan at the helm.

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