Cordel King Jayms Top Leader In Trinidad And Tobago

Cordel King Jayms Top Leader In Trinidad And Tobago

In the Caribbean islands, there is a growing presence of network marketing leaders who are leaving their mark on the market and in the industry. And one of the actors in this revolution is Cordel King Jayms, 36.

He is also a Diamond and a very active member of the team known as Success 4 All, a global team founded and led by Top Earners and Black Diamonds Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

With a good position in a well-known international brand of food products, this leader decided that he could still aspire to more, leave a legacy behind.

“I was technically my own boss (with staff). That might be very desirable for many, however I’ve always had a desire in my heart since I was a child to leave a legacy for my family, and I believe that working for someone else with an income limit hinders that process.”

With an entrepreneurial spirit like his, it only took network marketing to come up before him and offer him a possibility of creating that legacy. In addition, the concept of residual income was something that ensured that his work today would bear fruit tomorrow, even if something would happen to him. That was to leave a legacy and get remembered in the family.

“That concept put me in heavy pursuit for my dream of leaving a legacy and never die.”

Cordel says that he initially worked at this position, where he had been for more than 8 years, combining it with his first steps in network marketing, but shortly after he left his position in the company. A tough but courageous decision.

“This was a major decision that I made, knowing that taking care of my 5 children and my wife would be driving like nothing else for me. I spoke to my very supportive growing upline Mr. Anderson Chester and was reassured that I had his full support”

Meeting in the Caribbean

It was a decision that his own wife didn’t understand at first and it brought him some problems. However, she is also part of his team.

Despite the hard beginnings and the risky decisions, Cordel has managed to reach the Diamond rank in only 11 months of work in OneLife. He says he had been preparing for such an opportunity for years. Undoubtedly, his leap from a position like his in a multinational company to the adventure of entrepreneurship and success is something that must be done with a right mindset.

But it is a leap that has its rewards, far beyond the financial ones. For Cordel King Jayms the best experience that network marketing provides has to do with being able to see the world.

“I cannot count the number of the countries I’ve been to, the number of stamps in my passport is ridiculous.”

Travelling for work as well as reward travelling for ranks have become a kind of therapy for him, something with the ability to heal, and he would recommend it to anyone who is thinking of making his own leap into this industry.

“Truly, if a person is sick and tired of being sick and tired. It’s no way you don’t see network marketing as a way out. It’s the only option that offers a way out with an open and fair playing field. In this industry, you can grow from zero to hero. ”

Even so, he confesses that at first it was difficult for him.

“I believe everyone needs to pause for a cause and comes to understand this particular FinTech industry and doesn’t judge from the outside. I resisted and did that for weeks. Had I not put up such an egotistical, standoffish disposition to my upline, who knows what more dreams would be fulfilled right now! ”

And, in fact, it took a few years from that first leap, from traditional industry to network marketing, to the next and most recent. Towards OneLife.

“Mr. Anderson Chester (who was my former upline and mentor in another company that we had major success with) told me about OneLife. After being out of touch for years, we got in touch and I decided to join my opportunity to rekindle and cause some renewed success.

However, we have been dropped off to London with a OneLife event called Coin Rush so I have dropped everything and headed to that event. I even left him at the airport. I told him not to come back and tell me about it because I am focused. That lasted for a month until I opened my eyes to understanding the OneLife opportunity. And for that I thank Mr. Anderson Chester and his wife Anica Chester have had a major impact on my life.”

But did Anderson Chester convince him, or was there anything else at that opportunity that opened his eyes?

The answer lies in education.

“I think financial education should be more present in schools. When you learn better, you should do better. And learning the truth about money is my desire to see OneacAdemy as part of the Caribbean school curriculum. It is imperative that we have this information available for our children. The free course the OneWorld Foundation has available to teach children is mind blowing.”

Their young children are already learning, at only 3, 5 and 7 years all about the history of money with the comics and the episodes that the foundation has online.

We speak of the Diamond, a rank longed for by everybody who begin. And yet, something that Cordel doesn’t exaggerate.

“I hate to sound ungrateful, however I’m not as happy or pumped about accomplishing this rank as I should be.

The reason for this is because you are too focused on seeing the same or greater progress in other leaders and peers. In the coming months, you want to see more Diamonds and Blue Diamonds around you.

“Once I make the top ten in the Business For Home ranking I will be a happy camper knowing the amount of lives touched in the process will be uncountable.”

He also admits his admiration for Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, his mentors who currently make € 2.1 million a month and earn his team more than 30 million. He recognizes their leadership as part of the drive that has taken him where he is, as well as the best example of how far he wants to go.


But about his short-term plans, we’re talking about maybe it’s possible, your ascent to the Blue Diamond very soon, maybe October.

He is a very determined person and has his goals well set. To date, he has never failed, and his career proves it. So maybe, we will see him become a Blue Diamond in a few months. We might see even a Black Diamond next year.

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