Peekaboo Beans Announces Official Launch In USA

Peekaboo Beans, CEO, Founder, Traci Costa

Peekaboo Beans. recently announced it has officially launched the first phase of its business in the United States.

“We are very excited to report that our customer website is fully integrated for U.S. shopping, along with a fully functional US Stylist portal,” states Traci Costa, Chief Executive Officer and Founder of Peekaboo Beans.

“This is a huge milestone achieved by the Company.  In addition, our first successful launch tradeshow in Salt Lake City resulted in more than 60 potential Stylist sign ups and hundreds of leads.”

Peekaboo Beans has also partnered with NapTime Creative to launch a targeted digital media strategy and will be attending the following three tradeshows next month: Baby Show Expo in Clifton, NJ, Ultimate Women’s Expo in Chicago, IL, and the Ultimate Women’s Expo in Edison, NJ.

Along with continued strategic growth in Canada, the Company has been focused on expansion into the United States through the development of a U.S. independent sales network of Stylists to increase revenue and improve margins.

“The direct sales industry in the United States is a 36 billion dollar industry, and 1 in 7 households operates a direct sales business in the United States (reference source: Direct Selling Association), which provides us with an exciting opportunity and with these initial efforts, we are poised for hypergrowth”, Ms. Costa states.

About Peekaboo Beans Inc.

Peekaboo Beans Inc. is a direct-sales retailer of high-quality, ethically manufactured children’s apparel sold exclusively through its direct-sales representative network or Stylists.

Our children’s apparel is environmentally and socially conscious manufactured and promotes the importance of playtime over screen time, through thoughtful designs and custom developed fabrics.  Through the direct-sales model, we train parents to be entrepreneurs, build a business and generate income on their own terms. For more information please visit

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