Starbit Launches First App Rewarding Crypto Currencies Based On Human Energy

Luana Sicari Starbit International CSO Starbit Launches First App Rewarding Crypto Currencies Based On Human Energy

For the first time in the world of network marketing, a smartphone App – WalkyBit – will be able to assign a new ecological crypto currency, CNT Future.

Just having a smartphone, according to human power generated by personal movements, such as walking or jogging, users will accumulate power “shares” that every 10 minutes will be converted into CNT Future tokens, the new version of Centurion coin (CNT).

A technologically advanced absolute innovation, a milestone of technology that opens the door to a potential market of 4 billion users, an astonishing number in network marketing.

“We’ve been working for months in secret” says Riccardo Vieri, Innovation & Marketing Director at Starbit International.

“It’s been difficult to achieve this incredible result because it involves features that simulate the mining that happens within the blockchain, but we’ve done it.


WalkyBit: now the world of crypto currency will finally be open to ordinary people as well.”

“We have already started patent filing operations while copyright has already been filed. We thought about everyone, of all those who live in disadvantaged areas, where incomes are very low. They can integrate their monthly incomes democratically without changing their habits.

WalkyBit App Overview


The App will also have a popular price. After 5 days free trial, anyone will be able to buy the App at 1,000 CNT Future, the equivalent of about 200 Eur at today exchange public rates.

Walkybit is the digital revolution of network marketing; a simple product that anyone can use and demonstrate, a jewel of technology and green ecology. With this epochal change, and thanks to CNT Future developers who have made efforts to make rewards and bounties available, Starbit launches a deep revolution in the way to do “mining”, replacing current energy power consumption with healthy and beneficial activities for wellness, as asserted by modern medicine.

Why consuming energy on the planet when you can achieve equivalent results by promoting physical fitness?

With the new App anyone who walks will receive rewards convertible in CNT Future crypto coin. In real-time, anyone can demonstrate results to friends and colleagues by approaching the blockchain world with simplicity. The CNT Future token counter continually updates.

Centurion 539% + Up


“After years, finally a novelty in network marketing” says Luana Sicari Starbit CSO. ”

Network needs products that can be used by anyone, easy and demonstrable. Who does not walk every day and does not have a phone? It’s simple, it’s easy, it’s Walkybit.


We are launching the walkyparty, the new way of doing business at the reach of everyone.”

“We know many MLM leaders who are tired of changing their home every year and wishing a winning and legal project. In Starbit we are opening the doors to a future full of economic and personal satisfactions.”

Just few rumors prior to the announcement quickly raised the value of Centurion CNT, which for a short period of time, became the number 1 growing crypto currency in the world during a week.

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