Takashi Oda Leads Massive Momentum In Synergy Japan

Takashi Oda

The Japan market of Synergy WorldWide experiences explosive growth in September with 19 distributors advancing to new executive ranks.

Synergy is celebrating the triumph of many driven and talented leaders building businesses throughout Japan. In just the last month (September), nineteen remarkable men and women achieved new executive ranks, creating a wave of success spreading across the country.

At the head of this momentum stands Takashi Oda, Synergy Japan’s top distributor leader. Mr. Oda, a former professional surfer and medical industry professional, began September as a Presidential Executive, one of Synergy’s most prestigious leadership ranks.

By the end of the month, he had achieved the new level of Double Presidential Executive and now enjoys a position that only five others in the company have ever earned.

In true Synergy fashion, Mr. Oda reached his new rank by guiding, training and helping others around him. In 2013, Mr. Oda began diligently adopting the “Eagles System,” a proven business system developed by top Synergy leader Mr. Hwang Yun Tae and the Korea leadership team.

This relationship, together with the mentorship and continual support of his personal sponsor and top Synergy leader Mr. Mark Comer, helped pave the path for this significant milestone. Mr. Oda’s humble and giving attitude, combined with the powerful partnership between himself, Mr. Comer and Mr. Hwang has created an environment where successful leaders are developed and new levels of success can be achieved.

“What we are seeing in Japan is Synergy team building at its best,”

said Dan Norman, President of Synergy WorldWide.

“This is an incredible example of leadership and teamwork. Takashi Oda and the leaders in his team are to be congratulated for their outstanding discipline, their work ethic, and the pace they are setting for our company.”

Along with the success achieved by the distributors listed above, 13 additional business builders have earned new executive ranks in Japan– 1 Diamond Executive, 1 Emerald Executive and 11 Pearl Executives.

 “It’s always exciting when someone earns the Pearl Executive pin,” said Mr. Norman, “because it is such an important achievement. But to look now at Japan and see not one, not two, but 11 people reaching this level… this is truly amazing. On top of that, Toshihide and Koko are pushing themselves even higher as new Emerald and Diamond Executives. This is incredible. This is inspiring.”


The mission of Synergy WorldWide is to transform lives around the world by providing the most innovative and highest quality health solutions.

Operating as the “Elite Health” company in over 25 countries, Synergy empowers independent distributors to build businesses based on integrity, quality and the rewards of teamwork. For more information about Synergy WorldWide, please visit Synergy WorldWide.


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