Never Give Up In Network Marketing, Change The Opportunity

Never Give Up In Network Marketing, Change The Opportunity


does not mean you can not switch from company if you hit a brick wall too many times…

On my facebook I posted this somewhat controversial quote and many top leaders as Ambassadors of Network Marketing responded. As there are golden nuggets in their comments for newbies as for professionals I proudly share their opinion 🙂

John Melton But switching companies every year for the next 10 years is not the best way to build residual income either LOL.

Tom Chenault Yep. Sadly the bloom can fall off the rose. It’s actually the beauty of the profession. Once trained the world is yours.

Steve Mitchell The industry is great ‘¦the solution is simple – find a company you can believe in, find products you love, find a pay plan that rewards you properly & fairly for your efforts, and a culture thats aligned to you …then roll your sleeves up and GO TO WORK!

Karen Estep Aycock HODL! People switching because they think the grass is greener- shortly discover that the problem wasnt the company. It was their work ethic!

Lisa Faeder Grossmann Your knowledge is your insurance…

Amber Voight One of the biggest lessons Ive learned everyone you sign up will one day leave’

Vickie McLain Burnett when things get tough is when you see what people are made of or….not made of.

Adam Vincent Gilmer No matter what company your in, you got to work! The industry is great the rewards are great. Once you are in and pay attention you will grow, you will learn. Dreams dont have an expectation date!

Cheri Tree Agree! I didnt cross 7 figures until I had focused for at least 3 years! People wont follow someone who jumps all over. I love the acronym FOCUS: Follow One Course Until Successful!

Danny Licciardi I believe the dream should never change, but sometimes the journey will….

Chanida Nat Puranaputra Passion with unique products & hard work = great income!! The ranking never lie! If were in MLM then We all are World changers!!! I love this life changing industry

Stephen Clarke Remember it’s no different than the conventional business model….people switch jobs all thew time which is why in MLM it’s so important to build a strong Team so if something happens and you need to switch the majority of your Team will join you!!!

Jeff Mack Never give up on your dream. The path may change, but never give up on the destination!!

Romacio Fulcher Mlm is the truth!! The ultimate Faith walk!

Derek Hiller Simple join a business you can make 100k by yourself with no team! (Try finding one)lol Then add a team to make millions a year. Simple, took me 12 average MLMs to find it!

Ken Stewart Most people, from newbies to novices to those with some experience, have no clue how to properly evaluate companies, opportunities, and pay plans, and they fail to take the time to compare one opportunity to a few others (you can’t possibly know if you’re making the best decision possible unless you compare one to another or a few others), so they make an emotional decision based on what they think, and what they like, which is a recipe for disaster-no wonder they jump from one program to the next like grasshoppers.

They go to a meeting, like what they see, like what they hear, everyone in the room is excited, they get hit with all the hype, free trips, cars, and big checks, and they join. No asking how long has the company been in business? (99% of new, groundfloor programs fail in the first 3-5 years-not a smart bet!) What does the company’s yearly sales curve look like over the past 3-4 years? (Can give you an indication of the growth and momentum-joining a company at the right time is a key factor to one’s success)..

How many teams do I have to build to reach the top, what are the requirements to earn the maximum income, what types of incomes are being earned, etc? How does this compare to a few other opportunities? Who is in the upline and what is their background in the industry?

If people knew how to make the right decision the first time, they wouldn’t have to worry about finding another opportunity…they could focus on then acquiring the knowledge, developing the skills, and doing a few simple things every day consistently to build their business..

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