Rebecca Garrett – From Public School Teacher To Network Marketing Professional

Rebecca Garrett - From Public School Teacher To Network Marketing Professional

Rebecca Garrett is 35 years old, single mom and is 4 years in the industry. She has always had a soft spot in her heart for children.

Thats what led her to her career as a fourth-grade teacher.

I thought about being a pediatrician but when I realized I would have to deal with blood, I knew it wasnt for me!’

she laughs.

She intentionally positioned herself to take on the toughest classes at the lowest-performing schools. When asked why she chose such a big challenge, Rebecca thoughtfully says,

Kids at ‘˜normal schools would be fine no matter what teacher they have.

They have parents that will help them. They eat well. Theyll succeed no matter what.’

Rebecca positioned herself to be able to help the children who didnt have that kind of support. Most of her fourth graders entered her class at a first-grade level, and she worked tirelessly to get them ready to move on.

While she undoubtedly impacted many lives, it took a toll on her own. As a teacher, she couldnt miss work to take her son to his first day of school. She couldnt attend his Christmas programs because she was managing the program for her own class. And after years and years of digging deep from within herself to give to her students, she began to feel worn out.

Rebecca Garrett and her son

I would sit in my car before class and cry,’ she says. Not just a few tears, but sobbing. Then I would put on a smile and go teach.’

Teaching is an emotionally taxing job. And the financial compensation is never enough. You dont really get a raise without getting another degree,’ she says. Then when you try to get a job outside of the classroom, youre overqualified and cant get a job.’

Rebecca decided to build a Network Marketing business to help offset the expenses of being a single mom with a noble but low-paying career.

Once she experienced the life-changing products and life-changing income, she saw a way that she could provide more for her family while still helping others. A new Executive Director 5, Rebecca has now walked away from the chalkboard. Shes able to schedule work around life now, instead of the other way around.

Her last monthly check surpasses what she would earn in a year as a public school educator.

After paying down debt, saving money, and getting financial advice, Rebecca has decided to walk away from the chalkboard. She now schedules work around life with her son instead of the other way around.

While Rebecca misses her students and the impact she had in the classroom, she can see the difference shes making every day.

For Rebecca, the best part about her new career is seeing others succeed!! While Rebecca misses her students she had in the classroom, shes still teaching.

Shes helping deserving families learn how they can have better products and generate a reliable residual income. Rebecca continues to change the world with the work she does everyday.


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