1,200+ Attendees At The Team Revolution Network Event In Bogota

1,200+ Attendees At The Team Revolution Network Event In Bogota

1,200+ Attendees at the Team Revolution Network (TRN) exclusive event in Bogota, Colombia.

Followed by events across Mexico in 4 different cities for the first time, all the events were house full.

Team Revolution is co-founded by Monir Islam and Moyn Islam and their team has surpassed 70,000 members in less than 8 months.

While this is indeed a milestone for any team or company in any industry, but especially this team, its so much more than a number, they have become a family who been through many ups and down to be where they are today, according to the Islam brothers.

Monir Islam:

Many who started, in the beginning, was not able to handle the pressure but many great leaders stayed! We feel blessed and humbled.

Weve started 2018 strong, faster and with a lot of momentum than ever before.


I can say with 100 percent certainty that we have never in all the years in network marketing felt better or more excited than we do at this very moment. 

This year will be our best year yet. How do we know? Because whatever we did in 2017 was about building a foundation for a great 2018 ‘“ and that foundation is solid!


We asked them: Whats the secret behind the Rapid growth of their organization?

Moyn Islam:

Well, we are TRN, and we are educating people about a fascinating technology in the world which is blockchain and cryptocurrency, so naturally more people are interested than talking about traditional network marketing products and services, but it goes deeper than that.

Its about unity. However it is more than just looking unified,  its about being unified. There is a big difference. For example, if 3 links are twined together, and one link can support 30 pounds, one can support 50, and one can support 100, how much total weight can those links support?

If your answer is  180 pounds, you would be wrong. The answer is 30 pounds. We must remember that we are only as strong as our weakest link. It does not matter that one link can support 100 pounds if your weakest link can only support 30 pounds.

The success of this rapid growth is due to the teamwork of all the leaders from all parts of the world especially Latin America, Africa, Asia and Europe

We have a duty to ourselves ‘“ to become stronger and better because if we are not the best version of ourselves, we cant be any good for anyone else. But We Are TRN means we have a responsibility to our teams. We have to support each other, look out for each other and raise each other up ‘“ or we will all crumble.

Monir Islam:

After all, a rising tide lifts all the boats, even the smallest, weakest ones. But we have to push people too. Its good for you, its good for them, and its good for the success of your team.

Dont let your people off the hook. If you arent pushing your people and they arent willing to be pushed to be better than you are wasting your time and theirs. Sometimes the highest momentum comes from the smallest push.

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