Ormeus Coin Releases Footage Of $250 Million North American Crypto Mining Operation

Ormeus Coin Releases Footage Of $250 Million North American Crypto Mining Operation

Ormeus Coin has released footage of its first industrial cryptocurrency mining tour in North America.

The video features visitors from all over the world grabbing an inside look at stationary crypto rigs and the latest mobile mining machines in action.  The highly-rated digital currency is secured by a reserve vault that is anchored to the companys USD$250 Million crypto mining operations.

In order to provide ultimate transparency, Ormeus users will be able to see the mining revenue deposits and operational data in real time through algorithms in the underlying smart contract system.

But now the company is also offering the public even more transparency by organising educational tours of its crypto mines in the States.

In the latest video released today, Ormeus Chief Mining Consultant, Bob Steed welcomes guests from countries such as South Korea, China, Pakistan and Australia to visit the Ormeus mining facilities.

This is an amazing place, and people are coming from all over the world to see the mining experience that is here,’

Mr. Steed said.

This gives people confidence knowing that this is a real company with real mining and real people and that we can see our company moving forward, allowing our company to grow and expand,’ Steed added.

Tour guests also caught a glimpse of the Ormeus Mobile Miners, desrcibed as a ‘˜Eureka moment in the cryptocurrency industry.

As the video shows, Ormeus Coin has acquired proprietary AC air-cooled mobile data centers for the purpose of running diverse cryptographic hash functions and plugging into more affordable remote green energy sources.

The Ormeus Coin Mobile Miner (OCMM) is powered by 100,000 ASIC chips crammed into a 40-foot shipping container capable of mining around 50 Bitcoins per month. The Mobile Miner is one of the most powerful and cost-efficient crypto mining units available, with up to 10PH/s of computing power served through a unique 16nm ASIC.

For more information on Ormeus Coin, please visit, www.ormeuscoin.com or www.ormeusglobal.com

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