Jen Bassford Achieves Diamond Club Member Rank At Javita

Jen Bassford Achieves Diamond Club Member Rank At Javita

Jen Bassford has been with Javita since 2016 and has steadily grown her business, now arriving at the Diamond-level rank.

Residing in O Fallon, Illinois, Jen had been in the financial industry for over 19 years before she decided to begin her network marketing career with Javita. Since joining Javita two years ago, Jen has managed to accomplish the prestigious Diamond rank and earn the company’s Leadership Car Bonus. She credits her success to the company’s great products, which sell themselves, and the easy to follow system in place for Members like herself.

“The company already had an existing system, I just followed it. The Diamond Prospecting System makes it easy to duplicate with every new Member. This allows everyone a quality start and an equal chance at success.”

The wife and mother of two said Javita has afforded her and her family with countless opportunities, financial stability and time freedom.

“Javita has created the opportunity for my family and I to do things we never thought possible, like putting in a swimming pool, landscaping, a new spa, a car for our soon to be driving daughter and sponsor local sports programs and athletes. We have also been able to go on several vacations together as a family that we simply could not afford just two years ago.”

In addition to the fantastic business opportunity, the power of Javita’s products have helped Jen and her family attain their weight loss and health goals.

“Javita has helped us become a healthier family and enabled my husband and I to set a healthier lifestyle example for our children.”

Jen admits that hitting Diamond is a great accomplishment, however, her favorite part of this business is helping her team achieve their goals. Jen’s team consists of more than 400 Members and thousands of customers.

“Achieving Diamond is an amazing accomplishment. For me, it mostly represents a lot of hard work, dedication, commitment, consistency and the overall success of the people who make up our team. It also means that it is possible for anyone to achieve.”

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