Jason Boreyko to Expand Wearable Health Technology Company Aegea

Jason Boreyko to Expand Wearable Health Technology Company Aegea

Jason Boreyko started in 2011 network marketing company Sevenpoint2, nowadays the website links to Seacret Direct.

According to a press release Jason submitted:

Jason Boreyko, a second-generation network marketer, is now taking his marketing skills and business savvy to a new level as the Head of Global Expansion for Aegea, an innovative company that produces advanced wearable health technology.

The new opportunity is an unprecedented one for Boreyko, who will use it to continue to demonstrate his unparalleled marketing leadership and to help patients to achieve a higher quality of life long term.

Aegea essentially combines technology and science with 3,000 years worth of Eastern medicine to improve the masses overall well-being. The companys aim is essentially to help patients to lead healthier, longer lives.

Various wearable technologies today are designed to help patients to get a better nights sleep, stay energetic and fit, and eliminate stress from their lives, for example.

Other wearable technologies are made to help patients to maintain optimal blood pressure levels, keep track of their weight, keep their hearts healthy, measure their body temperatures effectively, and even exercise in the most effective manner possible.

As the Head of Global Expansion for Aegea, Boreyko will work to boost customer awareness of the companys products and to drive high levels of sales ‘“ something he has accomplished repeatedly over the course of his career, starting at age 18.

After navigating a few false starts and failures, Boreyko became one of the top five revenue generators at a $200 million company by age 26.

He is also the Co-founder and Chief Executive Officer of one of historys fastest-growing networking companies. This company under his leadership was able to create a legendary marketing system and ended up becoming a $100 million business in only 13 months. Boreyko continued to lead the company to more than $1 billion in sales in only seven years.

About Aegea

At AEGEA, “health & wellness” is taken to a whole new level. Our mission is to transform and elevate the human spirit and our products were designed with that in mind. Whether you’re considering yourself or others, AEGEA is committed to improving lives, offering a place for you to shop and work, a community that extends beyond the boundaries of the towns and cities worldwide.

For more information please visit www.aegea.com

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