Jim Hoover And Rain International A Success Story

Jim Hoover And Rain International A Success Story

Jim Hoover has been an integral piece in growing the Network Marketing world for more than 30 years.

His experience stretches back to his part-time start at Amway in 1983, then a water filtration company called NSA, where he quickly reached National Marketing Director.

His humble beginnings as a Network Marketer soon flourished into massive amounts of success as he grew his teams, trained 10 individuals to reach Diamond, and built his own Network Marketing company.

 Over his 30 years of experience, his teams have generated millions of dollars in revenue and he has created one of the top three organizations in companies hes been a part of. His success and experience led him to The Marlin Company, where he consulted and educated Fortune 500 Companies on the future of digital workplace communication.

 It was in 2013 that Jim discovered Rain International, where hes currently a partner. At the time, he wasnt looking for another Network Marketing company to join, but upon meeting Byron Belka (Founder and CEO of Rain), and hearing about seed-based nutrition, Jim said:

Rain just made so much sense. I decided to put my effort into building a business with Rain.’

Since making that decision, Jim hit the ground running and achieved Gold his first year, then Platinum his second. His teams have pushed millions of dollars worth of product, which is a product he believes in.

He credits much of his health to the seed-based nutritional supplements that Rain has created. In fact, he feels that his recovery from surgery was aided heavily by Rains products.

Leaders like Jim Hoover are a rare breed within the Network Marketing world, and they are something important to hold onto. He lives by these words:

For things to change, you have to change. For things to get better, you must get better.’

About Rain International

Rain International is the original creator of seed-based nutrition. Our experts have gone to the source of plant nutrition to formulate products proven to support healthy lives.

Rain International is more than the products we sell. From the beginning, we set out to make changes to improve the world around us starting with the health industry and moving beyond its borders into global sustainability, education initiatives, elevated lifestyles, and more. We believe that the ultimate human experience we all crave is within everyones reach, and we dont mind leading the way. For more info please visit www.rainintl.com

Get more information, facts and figures about Rain International, click here for the Rain International overview.

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