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Per year: $16.10 million

Per month: $1.34 million

Per week: $309,615

Per day: $44,110

Per hour: $1,837.90

Per minute: $30.63

per second: $0.51

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★★★★★ (5 out of 5 stars based on 17 reviews)
Former Rain Executive Verifies Product and Label Fraud2020-10-28 23:44:17


*Rain International Owners Byron Belka, Casey Whittaker and Travis Parry, along with VP Russ Cowley are being sued for Racketeering and Retaliation Against a Federally Protected Whistleblower. The Company is also under investigation by the IRS for Tax Fraud.

Why Would Travis Parry Jeopardize a $40+ Million Dollar Company?

The truth is, Travis Parry didn't realize who he was picking a fight with. According to anonymous sources, Parry is used to bullying, intimidating or just settling with previous detractors. Now that he has reportedly brought in outside investors into Innovative Flexpak there should be much more accountability. The ongoing IRS Investigation of his company, Rain International, will undoubtedly bring even more things to light. The Federal Racketeering Lawsuit as well. We will keep you posted as we continue to report on this Incredible story rocking the Utah Supplement Industry.

Rain International and CEO, Byron Belka Now Being Investigated by IRS for Tax Fraud2020-10-23 21:29:56


RICO Complaint: "Rain Committed Investor and Tax Fraud"
According to the Federal Racketeering Complaint: Case No: 2:20-cv-00662-DB-JCB "Retaliation Against a Witness: 1st Cause of Action. Plaintiff Maintains that he was fired by “The Enterprises” for asking them to change their business practices as it dealt with his Black African Downline. He also maintains that Rain was guilty of using False Social Security Numbers in their enrollment of African Distributors, Avoiding State Sales Tax by enrolling distributors in Colorado, which has no state sales tax, and reporting to investors that African Revenue generated by the Plaintiff’s Downline were actually part of the growth in the USA market. Plaintiff will demonstrate that “The Enterprises” identified in this complaint were also involved in creating a Delaware Corporation to hide their business dealings from the Public and Investors.

Samson2020-09-12 15:01:47

Rainsoul is an Awesome product. I've felt so much vitality since I started using the product. I would recommend for anyone that truly wants results as regards immune boosting. The product doesn't not only taste good, but works amazingly well. I recommend it to my wife and since then it's been another love story for her. She doesn't let a day pass without her Rain Soul and Soul Red. You can't go wrong with a product that is able to enable you deal with several ranges of defect in supplement in the body. Try out the several product range from the Flagship Rain soul to the others and you will be glad you did. This is one product that speaks for itself.

Marie2020-09-02 00:13:29

Soul er fantastisk! Det har endret livet mitt!har hatt ME, men er nå tilnærmet frisk!
Energi, normal immunaktivitet, ikke fatigue lenger. Musklene fungerer, harbikke smerter lenger. Kan gjøre hva jeg vil takket være Soul! Nå har jeg gått over til Soul Red og har enda bedre effekt! Kjenner at jeg har energi til å være med familien min, jobbe, trene, være sosial. Det kunne jeg ikke på mange år, og var mye sengeliggende. Soul endrer kjemien i kroppen. Hjelper kroppen å helbrede seg selv. Sterkt antiinflammatorisk, bra for magen og tarm. Kan bare ikke få anbefalt det nok!! Alle birde ta denne!!

Victoria Michael Bakosi2020-08-30 12:42:09

Rain products, including soul are excellent. My husband's 3 years painful swollen left knee became pain free just two days of rubbing Soul on it. Now he is taking it internally and have witnessed overall health benefits. The entire family is on it, with numerous individual testimonies! Soul, no good second!!
My daughter also had eye problems with persistent migraine headaches, she ordered the product after three days all the headaches, eye problems and numbness on her hand also ceased. I had frozen shoulder for a very long time and that too has dramatically reduced and have almost forgotten that I used to have pain there.

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