Network Marketing In Iran After 2018

Network Marketing In Iran After 2018

As we covered in two articles before network marketing is booming in Iran. But this “booming” is happening in a different way after 2018 in this country.

Atorina company  is playing a huge role to change the face of the profession in education and training filed. As a matter of this fact we can say that network marketing industry is booming in Iran in “ethical” way.

Payam Moghim CEO of Atorina says “after having great trainers and speakers such as Tom “Big Al” Schreiter, John Fogg, Margie Aliprandi, Graham Park and Mark Davis in Iran after 2015 , we saw a huge hunger between Iranian direct sellers. A hunger to learn more and earn more.”

But this achievement didn’t happen easily.

“I remember at the early days people were looking at us as a threat. Specially the government, company owners and leaders of the organizations.

Because they couldn’t accept that somebody shows up impartially and says we want to help and we can do that by updating your skills, attitudes and behaviors in this profession” Payam says.

But there were few people who said yes to this updating and one them was Reza Amiri whose name was in the Ambassadors Of Network Marketing Hall of Fame list of 2018 on our website.

Reza says “at the first days of October 2015 when I heard for the first time that John Fogg will come to Iran. I didn’t lose any time and went to Payam’s office and reserved seats for my team. Because I believed that we should update our knowledge and skills. And after that my team was maybe the only team that attended to every generic or exclusive events of the international trainers. And after three years I’m so glad that I did that. Because I saw the results.”

But during these three years just the speakers who went to Iran were not those who helped the profession in this country.

Payam says

“In the new era of relationship, you cannot take new technologies for granted. There are some limitations that can be solved by webinars and online meetings.


It’s about two years that we have started to use some helps from other international speakers online.

In this field we used Wes Linden‘s and Art Jonak‘s help a lot. More than a thousand people attended to these live or pre-recorded events.”

So what is next for Iran?

“When you look at the trends of these years you will see that race, sex, education and nationality is not important anymore. Anybody who can create value on people’s life and anybody who can deliver a message for a better future to people will be listened to.

Nothing can stop us to learn more. Using helps from anyone doesn’t mean that we don’t have any good leaders here. So, we planned to set a date to celebrate this evolution together. On November 2018 the whole industry in Iran will gather together in an event as a new starting point.

But this time we will use Iranian leaders beside international speakers for that. And we will tell everyone that we are using network marketing profession for a better future.”

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