Neil Magdani Achieves Diamond Rank With OMNIA In Just 5 Months

Neil Magdani Achieves Diamond Rank With OMNIA In Just 5 Months

A proud moment for the Deaf Community: Neil Magdani achieves Diamond rank with OMNIA in just five months. 

Neil Magdani is a British Asian who was born profoundly deaf. According to him, My eyes are my ears, my hands are my mouth.’ Nothing was to stand in his way, however. In five months he achieved diamond and has helped lead a team to nearly 5,000 – with 1,000 of them being deaf or hard of hearing.

In a chat with Neil, he writes,

With OMNIA, there was no experience required. No qualifiers. I dont have to keep up with inventory, worry about autoship. At the same time Ive become extremely knowledgeable about crypto currency.

I understand it now and for me to be able to share such valuable knowledge with the deaf community is extremely important to me.’

Neils sponsors, brothers Avinash Nagamah and DArren Matadeen has nothing but admiration to share about their rising star Neil. Darren says, Avinash and Myself are so blessed to have him as part of the global family and OMNIA. He is actually an asset to all of us and lesson to show that the impossible is possible.

Diamond for the Deaf Team is like reaching Crown Diamond. What I mean by this is that it is very challenging.’

When asked to touch base on his Diamond achievement, I was told that I may be the first Deaf individual to ever achieve Diamond’ in the network marketing industry, or at least one of the first few. That doesnt matter to me, I dont know if its true or not, but I know it can be done and I am just the first of many you will see achieve this sort of success at OMNIA.

Who cares if its just me that has this success – its not about me, but quite the opposite.  I have two deaf rising stars following in my footsteps, Yahya El-Madani, Muneeb Ahmed – both of which have hit Emerald and closing in on Diamond.

Abdel El-Madani, another of my leaders is also Emerald and has his hearing – so as you can see this is working. When they become Diamond, thats when you can ask me about how I feel about being diamond!’

Neil has a message to everyone: Whatever challenges you face, it doesn’t mean you are disadvantaged or cannot achieve your dreams. You just have to want it and you may have to go about it in a different way and sometimes you hit roadblocks, but see them as change of route signs.’

One of my childhood dreams was to be integrated into society as normal, live an independent life and be successful at whatever I chose to do, and I can say I am did that and I am.’

OMNIA has gone above and beyond to support me and my team. They provide interpreters at our events and really include us as a part of the family and ensuring we lack nothing.

I have become successful via training and mentoring both deaf and hearing on the stage, as well I have used webinars, FaceTime, paper pen, meetings to meetings daily. You just keep going and going. Remember your why’ if things are a struggle.’

In closing our chat, Neil leaves us with a Mahatma Gandhi quote,

Be the change that you wish to see in the world.’

Neil was sure to make mention of three deaf leaders following in his footsteps, Abdel El-Madani, Yahya El-Madani, Muneeb Ahmed – all of which have hit Emerald and on their way to Diamond.


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