Edgardo Valdivieso Joins OMNIA To Expand Latino Community

Edgardo Valdivieso Joins OMNIA To Expand Latino Community

Throughout the entire latino market, Edgardo Valdivieso is an icon in the network marketing profession where he grew an organisation of over one million distributors domestically as well as internationally.

Not only has he found success and earned millions of dollars in this industry, hes helped countless others achieve their goals and dreams over the last 20 years as well.

By developing a simple formula for success, he created countless top earners in the health and wellness space and is now ready to embrace a new legacy: the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry.

Since most of Edgardos success came from health and wellness, we asked why switching gears into a new industry?

I found out early on as an entrepreneur that that one of the keys to success is to find out where the masses are going and to get there first. Thats what I saw with blockchain and cryptocurrency technology.

I believe the masses will adopt this technology in the next few years and many lives will be positively impacted because of this.

I also believe the people who position themselves before this wealth transfer will become very successful as well.

When asked his reason why he decided to join OMNIA, he replied:

I never imagined myself passionate and excited about a network marketing company in the cryptocurrency space. To be honest with you, any crypto companies I had studied before, never made me a believer. With OMNIA, they are not only leading, but also revolutionizing this industry.

When I met the founders of OMNIA, I realized real quickly this was going to be the next multi billion dollar company in a growing 300+ billion dollar industry. OMNIA has a few key components I find very special.

  1. The product – The blockchain space can be confusing for people. People want to mine cryptocurrency, but they dont have the know-how, finances, or even location to do so. The technical side of trading can be very complex and intimidating. OMNIA makes it simple, easy where anyone can mine and trade regardless of their background, finances, location, or education.
  2. The management – For a one year company, I have to say they have their act together. In my experience, most companies have their distributors and management separated. Once you meet the management, you will see they they are glued to the hip. They look out for you!
  3. The compensation plan – Bottom line, I like to get paid. I love it when my team gets paid. This rewards plan is simple and extremely generous!
  4. The transparency – Let’s face it, the industry is full of smoke and mirrors. I personally booked a flight with a few leaders and went to go see their facility for myself and from head to toe and I was able to see their operation like a glass house.
  5. The timing – I look at it this way, OMNIA will pave the way for cryptocurrency network marketing how Amway lead the way for health and wellness. Timing is everything!

Edgardo has helped people just like him to get the results that has changed theirs lives. He has helped multiple people make millions of dollars worldwide. Edgardo came to Southern California from El Salvador when he was 14, he has 3 daughters and a son named Rebecca, Jacqueline, Gabriella and Eddie.

When he became a dad he wanted to provide a better life to his first daughter Rebecca that’s when his boss Chris Edwards Introduce him to Amway. Edgardo quickly fell in love with the business model and started network marketing part-time and never quit until he achieved his goals. To Edgardo, it is very important to leave a legacy in the industry. He has done in in the health and wellness space and now he plans on doing it again in blockchain.

I had no idea how big blockchain technology was. Now I’m so confident that many will have a bright future ahead of them. Now he’s excited to join forces with the largest Crypto Currency Company, OMNIA.


Headquartered in Cyprus, OMNIA is a leader in the blockchain industry and offers a unique strategy for anyone to effortlessly participate. Our products and services are strategically sound enough to attract those that are blockchain savvy already and simple enough for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency to begin their journey.

Where allowed, OMNIA offers lifetime mining services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies in our mining catalog as well as a variety of other blockchain-related products and services. OMNIA is comprised of professionals who possess years of experience in this space since the inception of Bitcoin.

We have a scalable infrastructure that is secure and fully optimizable, capable of being a major part of the future of blockchain. For more information please visit www.omniatek.com


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