Iulian Cimbala Achieves $285,000 Per Month With Success Factory – Dagcoin

Iulian Cimbala Achieves $285,000 Per Month With Success Factory - Dagcoin

Top leader of the Success4All team Iulian Cimbala reaches the Crown Diamond rank in only a few months.

Iulian Cimbala is a leader with more than five years of experience in network marketing, who is creating and managing organizations of thousands of people throughout Europe, Latin America, Australia, Asia and Africa.

Iulian is part of Success4All, the extensive team led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala, some of the top earners in the network marketing industry, and currently boasts the rank of Crown Diamond in the innovative company Success Factory.

Being a very young leader with a relatively short track record in the network marketing industry, Iulian Cimbala today is a true professional. He recognizes that his success is the result not only of hard work, but also thanks to the opportunity to train alongside a mentor of great experience and character: Igor E. Alberts. Through the training system of Igor E. Alberts, Iulian not only achieved a striking professional success in all the companies he has been part of, but has also demonstrated a significant personal development and the creation of a strong and defined personality. So Iulian says in his words:

“I am aggressive and open for challenges in business and life. I do all kind of adrenaline things and I like this feeling in business as well. We call it the momentum.”

Less than a year ago, Iulian Cimbala joined Success Factory, a network marketing company whose mission is focused on unlocking the human potential, for everybody to develop personally and professionally. It provides the necessary skills and a complete work ecosystem.

On what caused his decision, Cimbala tells:

“I had the possibility to see and touch the company’s infrastructure, speak with the developers and ask all my questions to get the faith and the confidence I needed to build a massive fast worldwide success with my leaders and their teams. After having done my own research about the project, I got really excited about it and its vision, so, I started to believe more than ever and to work harder than I ever did before.”

And he was not wrong. Only after a few months in Success Factory, Iulian Cimbala can now support his words with solid and abundant results. Iulian has managed to achieve the rank of Crown Diamond, one of the highest ranks in the industry, which, in turn, not only involves a lot of hard work and high responsibility, but also a level of profits that exceed several zeros As Iulian testifies:

It’s a huge success.  In only 4 months, I managed toachieve the rank of Crown Diamond. It is something really incredible, especially forsomeone so young and in such a short time. The rewards are exciting as well: I got a Mercedes for achieving the Black Diamond rank and then, an apartment in Dubai, for the Crown Diamond.”

Iulian tells about the company and adds some words about the people he had the honour of meeting:

“All this would never be possible without the light and the guidance of Kris Ress, Nils Grossberg, Kari Wahlroos and Kristjan Raude. To achieve this success, I didn’t fight alone, I joined an army of high level generals who were with me from the beginning.

Top leaders from the industry like Luminita Mirescu from Romania, Roald Mailly & Patricia Numan from the Netherlands, Ilenia Turelli, from Italy, Giovanna Jansen and Daniel Visser from the Netherlands, Marian Grigore, Cristi Chitic & Mihai Dobre, Eve Clare & Phil from Australia and many others that made it possible through faith and massive action.

But most importantly, I have to mention Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala and our amazing team Success4All. These two leaders are the actual reason of all those great results I can have today”.

Thanks to the  Success4All duplication system, Iulian Cimbala can now confidently state that he is able to help anybody achieve their goals:

Success4All chose the Success Factory project, since the company is aligned in its entirety to the vision of the famous team. Success Factory relies on an integrated training system and a united community, focused on the development, growth and sustainability of the networker’s career.

It closely collaborates with DagCoin, a technology company that is currently developing a new generation of secure, scalable and user-friendly cryptocurrencies, and Skillex, which provides the best education that one can apply in their lives to have a more successful career, to learn how to manage their personal finances, to have better personal relationships, better health… and many more areas of interest.

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