Javed Akhtar From London Achieves Director Rank With LEO

Javed Akhtar From London Achieves Director Rank With LEO

Through sheer hard work and perseverance, Javed Akhtar has established himself as a highly motivated and successful UK-based direct selling professional.

Since joining Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO), a global entrepreneurship training company, in May 2016, he has built a thriving global business and has just achieved the distinguished rank of Director. Indeed, with his sights set on worldwide expansion, the skys the limit for this direct-selling star!

From his base in East London, Javed Akhtar runs his remarkably successful business, which he began just over two years ago. With a background as a teacher, like LEO, he is passionate about the power of education and found his calling when he joined this entrepreneurship training organisation.

So, to find out more about what drives this direct-selling dynamo on, we sat Javed down and asked him some questions.

What is it that you especially like about LEO and why did you decide to join?

Well, having previously worked in teaching, I was especially impressed by LEOs core entrepreneurship training products. It is important to really believe in your business venture and this ticked all the boxes for me, and it is a decision which has proved to be sound.

I also recognised the potential the organisation offered to help me develop professionally and build a strong business, aided by a very practical and reasonable compensation plan. The fact that LEO is a member of the UK Direct Selling Association (DSA) was also important, as this provided the reassurance that it is a genuine and legitimate organisation.

Why do you think you have been so successful with your LEO business?

It really does all come down to hard work and perseverance ‘“ there are just no shortcuts or substitutes for putting in the effort, Im afraid. Of course, I am also very fortunate to have an incredibly hard working and motivated team around me as well. We all pull together and support each other to make a success of the business, or it wouldnt have got this far.

I also do my best to help motivate the team and think it is vital to stay positive and pass on that positivity to those around you. I think it is important to learn coaching skills from successful leaders in the company, which I am always keen to do and use these to help my team members. The bottom line is that if you work hard and never give up, you will get there in the end.

How well does your work fit in with your family life?

Although I work full time, I still manage to achieve a good work’“life balance. Because of the amount of work needed to make a success of the business, it can sometimes be a bumpy ride to fit in family commitments and juggle this with the workload.

However, because of the flexible nature of the work, it is possible to fit everything in and it all works out in the end. It does require a great deal of commitment to build a successful business, if you are serious about achieving your goals and creating a better future, but the flexible and sustainable business model that LEO offers makes it possible to have a good quality of life and balance work with other important responsibilities.

What motivates you to persevere in your LEO business and what ambitions do you have for the future?

I have great trust in LEO, its business model and the transparent way in which the organisaton is run. LEO has assisted me in my professional development, and all hard work is rewarded and recognised by awards and promotions, such as the Director rank I have now reached, which I am delighted to have achieved.

As a global organisation which has members in more than 140 countries, LEO also gives me the opportunity to dream big, and it is my ambition to expand my business to have team members in at least 50 countries. I would also like to be able to arrange regular weekly training events to help my team and look forward to a day when I have a team of 100,000 members.

Do you have any tips for others on how to make a success of their direct selling businesses?

You should always be positive, coachable and presentable. It is also important to stay motivated and motivate your team, and it can help to find yourself a practical office space to run your business from. I particularly like the quote: ‘˜Great minds discuss ideas. Average minds discuss events. Small minds discuss people [attributed to Eleanor Roosevelt], which reminds you not to be negative, but to keep your mind focused on what is important, seek out those with knowledge and always be willing to keep learning.

About LEO

Learning Enterprises Organisation Ltd (LEO)is a global entrepreneurship training company which uses personal recommendation to introduce Members to its products and services. Established in 2012, LEO now has 300,000 Members in more than 140 countries.

LEO has a unique programme which helps people to LEARN, with the training products it provides, EARNat the same time, by marketing these products, and also has a selection of ownership award programmes that help Members achieve their dream to OWNa successful business. LEO provides full training and support for all its new Members, including a helpful ‘˜Getting Started Guide, which contains an invaluable system to follow to get their businesses off to the best start, referred to as the #LEOSYSTEM.

LEOs core products are designed to help people start their own business ‘“ eLearning, Live Seminars and Technology. LEO believes that everything is moving to the mobile platform. In response, LEO has developed apps that replicate its Member Back Office system and Marketing collateral support.

However, the LEO Ecosystem does not stop there, as it also includes a digital currency, LEOcoin, and a crowdfunding platform, LEOcrowd.

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