Nerium International Introduces Wellness Chews

Nerium International Introduces Wellness Chews

Global anti-aging skincare and wellness solutions company Nerium International announces expansion of its innovative product portfolio in the wellness category, introducing Neriums Wellness Chews with an Energy Formula and Sleep Formula.

These exclusive wellness products contain Neriums proprietary Circadiplexâ„¢ blend of ashwagandha root and leaf extract, reishi mushroom and gotu kola, which help optimize your ability to manage stress, ease anxiety, and regulate your circadian rhythm to restore balance to your life.*

Wellness Energy Chews provide an immediate and long-lasting energy boost, without leaving you jittery, while Wellness Sleep Chews help you quickly fall asleep, but wont leave you feeling groggy when you wake up.*

Our new Wellness Chews are designed to appeal to busy, health-conscious consumers that want to naturally boost their energy during waking hours and for those who want a good nights sleep to feel rested in the morning and ready to go*,

said Founder and CEO Jeff Olson.

We have continued to focus on creating premium wellness products validated by science since we launched over six years ago, and these products are an innovative addition to our ever-growing product family,’

said Olson.

Nerium Welness Chews

Nerium International Wellness Chews, Energy Formula is an exclusive energy-enhancing formula including caffeine, B vitamins, L-Tyrosine and Neriums proprietary Circadiplexâ„¢ blend, which provides the following benefits*:

  • Helps naturally boost your energy*
  • Gives you instant, sustained alertness*
  • Gives you the feeling of natural, increased energy while supporting a calm and relaxed state of mind*
  • Helps your body counteract the negative effects of stress*
  • Helps to balance your circadian rhythm by supporting normal cortisol levels*

Nerium International Wellness Chews, Sleep Formula is an exclusive sleep-enhancing formula including melatonin, chamomile, L-Tryptophan, and our proprietary Circadiplexa blend, which provides the following benefits*:

  • Helps naturally reduce the time to fall asleep and helps you stay asleep*
  • Increases sleep time and allows you to wake up fresh and clear-minded in the morning*
  • Helps your body cope with stress and counteract the negative effects of stress*
  • Helps to balance your circadian rhythm by supporting normal cortisol levels*

Nerium International Wellness Chews are formulated as a system and work best in combination to see the best results over time. Purchase Nerium International Wellness Chews in Energy Formula and Sleep Formula for $40 each from an Independent Brand Partner or if you do not know a Brand Partner, you can purchase here.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease.

About Nerium International

Based in Addison, TX, Nerium International is a global relationship marketing company with age-fighting products crafted from cutting-edge research and science. Founded in 2011, Nerium International has shattered industry sales records while developing a strong customer base in North American, Latin American, Asia-Pacific and European markets.

This unprecedented success has allowed Nerium International to generate $1.5 billion in cumulative sales in six years. Nerium International was recognized for its historic growth by ranking No. 1 on the 2015 Inc. 500 List of fastest-growing private U.S. companies in consumer products and services and No. 12 in overall, as well as No. 38 on the 2016 Direct Selling News Global 100 List.

Led by an executive leadership team with vast domestic and international experience, Nerium International is committed to providing an excellent product line based in real science and providing its Independent Brand Partners with a life-changing and outstanding business opportunity through relationship marketing.

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