Genlife In Europe Launched By Founders Peter Verdegem And Mariel Kuitunen

Genlife In Europe Launched By Founders Peter Verdegem And Mariel Kuitunen

Dr. Peter Verdegem is an experienced professional both in the management of nutrition companies, as well as in product development in science-driven nutritional products.

His career in nutrition started when he earned a Ph.D. in Biochemistry for the research in the structure and function of vitamin A derivatives in the human eye.

He pursued two more academic positions at the university of Stockholm and Nijmegen, studying membrane proteins and prostate cancer diagnosis. After leaving academia, he worked at medical food and dietary supplement companies in the USA and Europe. He personally developed a number of clinically proven dietary supplements, such as for eye health, prostate health, menopause symptoms, oxidative stress, cholesterol lowering, and type-II diabetes.

After he obtained an MBA from Brigham Young University in the USA, he moved into regional management of various direct sales companies, including the world’s biggest company in its field, where he was responsible for a 100 M$+ market. Peter truly is a science-driven nutrition professional with a passion for direct sales.


“I wanted to start GenLife to bring the next innovation in nutrition to become a reality.

I chose direct sales, because I know how powerful it is to see your partners not only improve their health, but being rewarded for sharing our story with their network.”

Mariel Kuitunen
is a results-driven professional in the direct sales channel.

She is passionate about business development and change management in Direct Sales industry and has 15 years of experience in sales management and regional management in Europe.

Mariel started her career serving the sales force of the biggest company in the field and was actively developing and executing growth strategies for the independent business owners in the direct sales channel.

After an expert role in the strategic development of account management process and supporting the implementation she pursued new opportunities in general management working for the largest direct selling company in China as the responsible for the European markets.

The valuable experience of new market entries and complex cultural business environment highlighted Mariel’s greatest strengths; she is passionately driving sales by joining forces with the Distributor leadership and creating sales plans and incentives to support reaching the corporate goals by enabling and supporting the independent distributor’s success.

“ For me GenLife is all about simplicity, it’s about creating a community of like minded people sharing the vision of everyone’s individual uniqueness.

Our success is not about complex set of rules and forced strategies, it comes down to respecting different approaches and enabling success by encouraging ownership and commitment.

I love network marketing, the opportunity it provides for everyone. It’s about sharing experiences, it’s about personal growth and it’s about being rewarded for helping others achieve and grow.”

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