Chanida And Nat Puranaputra Resign From World Global Network

Chanida And Nat Puranaputra Resign From World Global Network

Top earners and Global Ambassadors for World Global Network, Chanida and Nat Puranaputra have resigned from their position.

We have reached out to World Global Network and CEO Fabio Galdi stated:

“World Global Network acknowledge the cancellation of the Master Distributor contract with Nat and Chanida, it is time for our company to move on and shift gears to the next level of success”

Chanida and Nat stated:

“We never believed that this day has come. But we just wanted to say thank you for your love and your trust for us.

Still you stood tall and continued fighting for your future and continued to believe in us. As you all know our goal from day one that we wish to help create at least 100 members to earn $100,000 per month with this business within one year but now it is almost 3 years it is still far from our target goal.

So after our careful consideration, we have decided to seperate from WGN.

We just wanted to say thank you for our wonderful journey together and we will always cherish our great memories that we had with you all.

We hope you have massive success in WGN or in whatever you do.

Again thank you for having our family serving you during this short journey together but it meant so much for us we felt your hearts.

Best of luck for your future & we sincerely love you all. You guys are unbelievable!

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With its headquarters in Singapore and its US office in Miami, Florida, and Provo, Utah, USA, World Global Network stands apart as a fast-growing company and a leader in the Network Marketing Industry. In its 10 offices distributed across the globe, WGN employs the brightest minds, the best professionals and motivated personnel to drive its business and create sustainable and valuable opportunities for its distributors worldwide.

Using innovative products and a proven, direct selling business model, Word Global Network helps its distributors around the world to transform their lives, and their familys livelihoods.

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