N8 Essentials Launched With Essential Oils And CBD

N8 Essentials Launched With Essential Oils And CBD

From cleaning to better sleep, nature-based products claiming to improve life are popping up everywhere – online, in big box retailers, even at the local grocery store. More and more people are making natural choices for everything from improved mood to augmenting fitness routines. But as more people consider giving these cutting edge products a try.

Savvy consumers refuse to take risks with compromised or lower-quality products – for good reason. Taking care of health is something everyone should fuss about. There are plenty of well-informed, responsible people who’ve hesitated to jump into an essential oil or CBD experience for justifiable reasons. “The known benefits are still on the fringe,” they might think. “I can’t know what an unregulated business puts in that bottle,” or, “I simply don’t know where to begin.”

N8 essentials has something to offer – three important reasons to consider before taking a confident step toward using the powerful natural products this company offers.

Moving Things Mainstream

First, N8 Essentials is committed to moving the culture and language around essential oils and CBD oil away from the fringe elements of the mystic, and focusing on the real and verifiable benefits that they offer. They won’t make outlandish claims just to make a buck – what you see is what you get.

“We know if we want to stop being seen as fringe or alternative care, we’re going to need to follow standards that other healthcare companies use,”

says Derrick Woods, founder and CEO of N8 Essentials. “That’s why I’ve insisted we do everything to the highest of standards, and why all of our essential oils are certified organic by the United States Department of Agriculture.”

Stepping Up Standards

N8 Essential customers tend to be people searching for ways to cut back on chemicals cleaners, commercial fragrances, and non-organic health products. This company is an ideal place for persnickety people who care about what goes into their products. It offers only certified organic essential oils and lab-tested CBD products so consumers can be sure they are from a highly regulated source offering top-quality, pure products. And the people at N8 believe this is a standard to live by – not just a buzzword to throw around.

Essential oils from N8 are GC/MS tested through Essential Oil University to document and verify their high standards. N8 focuses on primary sources that use sustainable farming practices – no pesticides, fungicides, or herbicides.

N8’s organic CBD products are third-party batch-tested to ensure the absence of THC and adulterants. We choose products that contain only quality hemp ingredients – no synthetics, GMOs, artificial additives or thinning agents. This means every purchase from N8 is a vote for the planet as well as for the health and wellbeing of your body and your family.

The Support of an Informed Community

N8 Essentials chooses to share products through a social commerce structure. This allows them to forge personal connections with customers and set up a network of support so people can easily find ways to understand, use, and personalize their wellness experience.

“We live in a world of constant noise and distractions, and an entrepreneur cutting through that noise is a real struggle,” explains Derrick. “That’s why we’ve decided to use a social selling or direct sales approach. Each of us is already a sort of salesperson sharing with friends and family the things that we love – so it seemed like the perfect fit for a product that does so much to improve lives naturally.”

 N8 has built flexibility into this system so they can meet the needs of all types of customers. People who sign up for the Preferred Customer program can shop wholesale prices, benefit from a loyalty rewards program and earn free products. N8’s approach is to build a network of independent entrepreneurs across the country, helping them to combine the satisfaction for sharing meaningful benefits with the the ability to increase their financial well-being. N8 advisors are supported with an industry-leading prospecting system complete with marketing tools – including pre-written blogs, social media postings and a client relationship management system with an introductory “Try N8” offer. All of this has been designed to be as easy and time efficient as possible to fit into a busy world.

N8 Essentials Makes the First Steps Easy

To make the most of a first-time essential oil or CBD experience, N8 offers a sample kit with some of the best products for home, family and Health. For more information please visit N8 Essentials online at n8essentials.com

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