Wakaya Perfection Acquire Nspire Network

Wakaya Perfection Acquire Nspire Network

Wakaya Perfection, LLC, direct marketer and purveyor of high impact and high status nutritional and weight loss products,  announced the coming together of two indomitable organizations; Wakaya Perfection and Nspire Network.

Both the product line and independent distributor network of Nspire is now integrated into that of Wakaya Perfection, creating an organization that is definitively more than the sum of its parts.  The resulting organization will accelerate the sharing of their collective messages of wellness and prosperity, with their collective product lines and distributor networks.

Founded in 20156, Nspire is the exclusive global distributor of the Cherish™ brand of sanitary napkins.  Cherish uses a combination of proprietary technologies including a super-absorbent polymer making the products up to 10 times more absorbent than competitive products, and a negative ion strip that helps to reduce localized inflammation and neutralize bacterial growth and unwanted odor.

“The Cherish brand of products are the perfect door opener, as they are competitively priced and applicable to nearly a hundred million Americans monthly”

remarked Nspire Co-Founder and Global Director of Sales, Demond Coleman.

Wakaya Perfection President, William Andreoli followed with Nspire and Wakaya joining forces is the ultimate 1-2 punch for anyone concerned about their wellbeing and the negative impact from the abundance of toxins in our world today.”

In a conversation with Wakaya Perfection Co-Founder, Todd Smith, Nspire Co-Founder and Chief Operating Officer, Joel Medina remarked how essential it was to bring their proprietary products and mission-based distributor base to a company that not only demonstrates integrity, but also believes that the core of our industry, the “average” network marketer, is shockingly underserved by the majority of MLM’s as a whole.

“Wakaya’s Plan to a Grand is not only genius, it’s one of the driving factors why we are planting the Nspire flag in the fertile soil of Wakaya Perfection.”

Nspire’s mission statement –

“To consider the needs and benefits of our partners and distributors around the globe, provide a platform for tremendous growth, inspire and empower people to take action and fulfill their dreams, and continually develop high quality products that help to build a better life.” – dovetails perfectly with that of Wakaya Perfection’s founder, David H. Gilmour, who founded Wakaya Perfection on the premise that “your good health is life’s greatest luxury”.

About Wakaya Perfection, LLC.

Wakaya Perfection was founded by David H. Gilmour, founder of FIJI Water, and health and wellness advocate. The naturally harvested organic ginger, turmeric, sea salt and more, indigenous to the island of Wakaya, is hand-cultivated in virgin volcanic soil solely for its purity and multi-faceted rejuvenating properties that naturally enhance the quality of lives.

Wakaya Perfection products have been distributed through luxury hotels, resorts, fine-dining establishments and luxury department stores and are now marketed by Wakaya Perfection Independent Business Ambassadors. Wakaya Perfection is also at the cutting edge of the ketogenic lifestyle and its impact on healthy fat loss with first to market ketogenic food products and supplements.  Visit wakayaperfection.com for more information and to explore the one decision that may change your life.

Get more information, facts and figures about Wakaya Perfection, click here for the Wakaya Perfection overview.

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