FutureNet Terminates USA Leader Ryan Conley For Cross Recruiting

FutureNet Terminates USA Leader Ryan Conley For Cross Recruiting

Ryan Conley had his Futurenet account suspended / terminated for allegedly cross recruiting for a new company called AlterNet – Adblast.

According Ryan Conley his downline in FutureNet exceeds 1 million people.

During this week Conley made several mudslinging and sometimes bizarre allegations and threats, followed by a cease and desist letter from FutureNet’s USA attorney Brendan T. Wilson.

Ryan commented on his facebook:

“Can you say #RICO and #classactionlawsuit time?


Attorneys now stepping in. We expect to have all 10 accounts made accessible by this Friday. Also to mention, we have direct communication and ties to the Dubai crown prince Mohammed.



All documentation and correspondence will be provided via social media for everyone to see that we have made a very strong attempt to make things right with this company.



If you know anyone else that has been harmed by this social media company, please contact me directly so we can add you to the 10+ victims thus far. We still remain hopeful that a resolution is in full effect by Friday.”


While in first responses Ryan Conley denied cross recruiting, and claiming million of dollars lost, he today revealed to have joined AlterNet – Adblast.

Ryan Conley:

“With all that has happened at FN and all that I have done to make their company as great as possible and not being appreciated, I am looking for an offer from AlterNet and a spot on their leadership counsel.



I have poured my time, money, blood, sweat, and soul into FN the past four years and honestly I cannot stand by a company that has kicked out so many people for being involved with other companies.



I believe in dedication, leadership, innovation, and diversification. AlterNet I feel is doing more of a solid core approach by offering their people freedom which any government who will stand behind a social media company that pays the people, would expect.



If you are in AlterNet, make me an offer. I am ready to change the world and build a company as strong as my vision.”



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