iMarketsLive Launches – Women Who Win Worldwide – Movement

iMarketsLive Launches - Women Who Win Worldwide - Movement

In September 2018, International Markets Live, Inc. (iMarketsLive), launched a powerful women’s movement named Women Who Win Worldwide, which is a community built on the strong foundation for women to thrive.

Christopher Terry, iMarketsLive CEO, and Isis De La Torre, iMarketsLive CFO, created iMarketsLive to be the channel which empower people from different backgrounds, with the ability to change their lives, and those around them. Anybody, not matter their level of education, can learn the skills necessary to experience lasting change with iMarketsLive Educational tools.

The Women Who Win Worldwide movement, fits right in with iMarketsLive core values, and its mission to educate, empower, and enrich women, in the largest financial market in the world, Forex and Cryptocurrency Markets.

Isis De La Torre says:

First, it was always my vision and goal to empower women around the world because my personal belief is that women are the pillar of our families. 


Women are responsible for the well-being and stability of our spouses, children, parents, brothers, sisters, community, society, country, and the whole world.

iMarketsLive CFO, Isis De La Torre, a woman with over thirty years of lucrative experience and education in the financial arena, is positioning Women Who Win Worldwide to become the Largest Financial Empowerment Movement in the World, where women from all walks of life will learn how to create financial wealth, financial security, financial stability, peace of mind, and prepare for a better life.

The iMarketsLive community challenges the status quo of the Forex Market which has been primarily male dominated since inception, with a makeup of 50% women. iMarketsLive CFO, Isis De La Torre has teamed up with some of the top female leaders in iMarketsLive to launch an unprecedent mega movement, including Dr. Chyna Bethley, Dr. Jewel Tankard, Tamara Young, and Spela Sluga.

iMarketsLive CFO, Isis De La Torre is committed to helping women make a lasting change and she says:

My goal is to bring financial wisdom to women around the world, so that they can in turn instill that wisdom to their children, their family, their friends, their school, their community, their society, their country, the whole world, and every person they reach out to.

Women Who Win Worldwide will help to fulfill iMarketsLive CFO, Isis De La Torre’s mission of empowering women to master and teach successful financial principles which will help eradicate financial hardship, by adding additional income stream, and diversifying their financial strategy.

iMarketsLive will make history on January 12, 2019 in Orlando, Florida, by hosting the very first Women Who Win Worldwide weekend with IML TV Female Traders including Adaeze Duncan, Kathy Kirkland, Lee Allen, and Kim Torres.

The Women Who Win Worldwide weekend in Orlando, Florida, will provide seven (7) hours of powerful trading education, including new trading techniques and strategies to help this thriving community of women start year 2019 with huge momentum.

On January 12, 2019 in Orlando, Florida, women from around the world will meet CEO Christopher Terry and CFO Isis De La Torre, and their team will Educate, Empower, and Enrich women on how to be successful in the Forex and Cryptocurrency Markets.

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