Industry Leader Alham Maverick Joins OMNIA

Industry Leader Alham Maverick Joins OMNIA

Alham Maverick, Vice chairman of the crypto community “Dynamic Development Exchange” and based out of Malaysia has joined forces with MLM blockchain technology leaders OMNIA.

Having been in the network marketing industry since 2002, this is his first chance at merging his passions.

“I left the banking sector in 2002, having been in that world for 12 years up until that point. I did just about everything in that industry, from global expansion, forex trading, asset management and everything in between.


In short – I was ready for a new challenge. The MLM industry provided me with that.”

Mr. Maverick incorporated his astute business acumen and quickly became a professional networker, even rising to the corporate level and gaining experience on that side as well.

“One common factor in every aspect of my career is that I enjoy helping people. No matter the industry, if your purpose is to serve and help others, I’ve found your chances of success increase exponentially. Also, know that you can’t start at the top.

I had risen to the heights of achievement in the banking sector and when I joined MLM I knew it would take a lot of hard work and dedication. I started locally and expanded over time to having a global team with a lot of great success.

Like my time in the banking industry, I experienced all aspects of the industry and even became Vice President of a successful direct selling company. Now, in the year 2018 I’ve mastered two career paths and I say this with ease – the best has yet to come.”

By applying the experience that he had learned over the years in the banking industry as well as the direct selling industry, Mr. Maverick has the chance now to combine all of this including his vast knowledge of the new cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology to help others achieve their financial goals.

“I never thought I’d take my experience from the world of finance and be able to merge it with direct selling. Cryptocurrency is my current passion and it took OMNIA to create the opportunity I was looking for.

A way to expand blockchain technology through the power of MLM is a dream come true. It’s been a long search to find a real company that has a long-term, legit roll to play in the blockchain sector. They aren’t here to simply take advantage of a hot market.

They literally want to be a catalyst for the expansion of this technology globally and they want every human being to have access to what we believe is the future way of doing business. Blockchain is that future and we are at the forefront. It’s still plenty early for anyone to educate themselves and get involved now, while it’s still young.”

Alham is currently planning to expand his network around the globe now that he has found  the right global platform in cryptocurrency industry and blockchain technology.


Headquartered in Cyprus, OMNIA is a leader in the blockchain industry and offers a unique strategy for anyone to effortlessly participate. Our products and services are strategically sound enough to attract those that are blockchain savvy already and simple enough for those who are new to the world of cryptocurrency to begin their journey.

Where allowed, OMNIA offers lifetime mining services for Bitcoin, Ethereum and other alternative cryptocurrencies in our mining catalog as well as a variety of other blockchain-related products and services.

OMNIA is comprised of professionals who possess years of experience in this space since the inception of Bitcoin. We have a scalable infrastructure that is secure and fully optimizable, capable of being a major part of the future of blockchain.

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