Sam Malik From The UK Achieves Diamond Rank With OMNIA

Sam Malik From The UK Achieves Diamond Rank With Omnia

Sam Malik from the United Kingdom has earned a quarter of a million dollars this year with OMNIA yet you’ll not hear her make mention of that.

In an interview, she proves to be a powerful woman on a mission. Her focus is  on the end result and how it impacts people on not just an individual level, but on a grand scale.

“I have a great track record of building people, nurturing them and mentoring them to accomplish their desired goals.

I have always wanted to make a difference in people’s lives and helping them to evolve throughout their life journey. This is my passion and OMNIA has allowed me to expand it to great heights.”

During all her travels over the past year, Sam had many eye opening experiences and not only grew as an individual but was able to make an impact on others as well.

“I am a firm believer of everything happens for a reason, even if it’s something that seems absolutely devastating on the forefront.

Through my journeys, I believe every individual I’ve been fortunate enough to encounter has been with meaning. Meeting all these beautiful people from around the world – helped me to appreciate the industry even more.

I take time to understand the needs of each individual that enters my organisation in order to create a harmonious working relationship that thrives. When this is duplicated globally it really makes an impact beyond our comprehension.”

Already, Sam is focused on her next calling, philanthropy.

Throughout my journey so far, I have ticked off many personal dreams such as providing the experience of travelling business class for my family, renovating my home, clearing a number of liabilities and most meaningful yet, to be in a position to sponsor a number of orphans across the globe, help provide clean water to the people of Africa and empowering women.

The more we give back, the more we receive, Service to others is the highest purpose and those who follow this mentality in this industry will be successful. 

In closing, Sam put a lot of emphasis on her mentorship and her plans for the next year.

“I am extremely grateful to my mentors Avinash Nagamah and Darren Madateen who have helped me grow and took a personal interest in me and my team to achieve such ranks. I also would like to mention my business partner/sister Priya Gohel and her husband Rakesh Gohel who have supported me tremendously during my challenging times and have kept me going.

My team are another key factor for my success. Had it not been for their dedication and perseverance I would not be on this site now.

I’m taking the next 6 month to really put the culmination of all I’ve learned over the last year into massive action. My foundation is strong and it’s time to build upwards at a tremendous pace.


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