If You Are Looking For A System To Improve Your Direct Sales Business

If You Are Looking For A System To Improve Your Direct Sales Business

Masa Cemazar and Miguel Montero are former top earners and have been in the network marketing profession for more that 13 years.

They built large teams globally before building their coaching, training and software company Pyjama Bosses.

2 years ago they retired from actively building their teams and have in this time helped over 8,000 leaders create team systems to enhance duplication.

Pyjama Bosses has recently been recognised as #83 fastest growing company in Australia by Financial Review FAST STARTERS competition.

They stated:

“Our mission is to make network marketing a mainstream profession by creating education and cutting edge tools – so that more people can create the results they are looking for in this profession”

Our specific focus is creating customised team duplication systems that will help a leader grow faster because of better duplication.

We are different from other trainers in the industry as we don’t just provide motivation and team building strategies. We also create customised tools for leaders to accomplish that.

We do this because we saw too many software companies make the mistake of creating complex and fancy tools that simply don’t drive the right activities. Typically they provide tools that help members with prospecting and recruiting. At the same time, not having a duplication system will hinder your growth…

We base all of our work on what we call the “Duplication Blueprint” which is set of metrics that every leader has to follow to scale their income depending on where they are currently in their business and income.

We divide the “blueprint” into 8 income brackets and each bracket should have the clarity on:

  • What is the most income producing activity at this income
  • What is the daily method of operation at this income
  • What skill and what tools you should be mastering at this level
  • What are the steps to get to the next level

Based on the blueprint and our extensive experience, we designed a customisable software that helps leaders and MLM companies to exponentially drive duplication. There are three groups we work with:

  • Leaders who are very focussed to get to 6 Figures in 12 months or less.
  • Leaders who are at 6 or multiple-6 Figures and want to grow to 7 Figures.
  • 7 Figure earners or MLM companies who want predictable growth and solid leadership and want to create a business based on KPIs and systems not only promotions.
The Pyjama bosses

Our strength is breaking each step down and having a defined path that guides our clients from where they are to where they want to go! When we work with a leader or MLM company here is the process we take to create a duplication system:

  • We look at their current process and how that is working
  • We design a process that will enhance duplication long term
  • We create a system that will automate this process

If you are looking for a system to scale your business, get in touch here: www.pyjamabosses.com/apply

About Pyjama Bosses

We help network marketing leaders scale their business by helping them to create systems.

Pyjama Bosses stand out not only because they provide training and coaching but can help you design the tools that your team needs to implement to create the results. We are also different form any other technology company who is catering to network marketing in that we understand 99% of the income comes from duplication and not recruiting – so we design tools that drive duplication, not just tools that drive recruiting.

If you are looking for a system to scale your business, get in touch here: www.pyjamabosses.com

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