Oxygen Launching World’s First Cause Based Social Marketing Network

Oxygen Launching World's First Cause Based Social Marketing Network

Oxygen uses the power of social direct marketing to connect concerned individuals with local trusts and conservation organizations worldwide.

Rather than start a charity that would compete with established trusts and conservation organizations, Oxygen partners with these organizations by providing funding for verifiable projects, and uses multi-level marketing distribution to generate funds for these conservation organizations, incentifying the sale of rain forest protection acres and planted trees with commissions and bonuses to the network membership.

The World is at a crisis point, and while politicians battle over how to deal with climate change, charities and other environmental organizations world-wide struggle to get the support they need to provide the environmental conservation that is desperately needed. Traditional charity donation plans are too slow, and are simply not working.

Charities rely on volunteers who are overworked and lose motivation. The giving industry has become stagnant.

With this and the sobering realities about climate change in mind, Young entrepreneurs Johannes Bergstrom (Sweden) and Friso Poldervaart (Netherlands) have developed Oxygen, a Cause Based Social Marketing company that offers a way for environmental conscious entrepreneurs and home-business aficionados to make a living by selling acres of rain forest protection, and to fund tree-planting and reforestation projects worldwide.

Poldervaart and Bergstrom have a target of 1 million distributors by 2020, with the potential to provide funding to rain forest protection trusts that would cover an area the size of Belgium.

“It is now possible to make a change for a better world, and make money while doing it,”

says Poldervaart.

“This is a tipping-point moment in human history. Oxygen is able to do what volunteering and charities are unable to do: turn environmental protection into a sustainable business model.”page1image58109952

Oxygen is a for-profit company that is making a real impact in the world. Built and designed to be fully compliant with US, Canadian and European standards for social and multi-level marketing, Oxygen uses the power of entrepreneurial business to achieve environmental conservation goals.

Financial transactions done by Oxygen and local conservation partners and trusts are done using Blockchain technology, ensuring that all transactions are transparent and trackable.

Funds are held in escrow until the environmental conservation actions promised by each trust is actually fulfilled.

Bergstrom explains,

“One of the big obstacles for many people is one of transparency.


When people invest money into a conservation project they want to know that the money is going where it is supposed to go.

Blockchain technology provides a way to ensure that all funds goes where it was intended, as every transaction is trackable, and the money doesn’t get paid to the local trust or tree- planting program until the project can be verified.

This is an exciting new development in the giving industry.

We are not only funding great conservation projects, we are providing an opportunity for home-business entrepreneurs to sell a product they can be proud of, and truly believe in.”

For more information please visit: www.oxygenglobal.net


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