Top Leader John Malott Joins ÜFORIA Science

Top Leader John Malott Joins ÜFORIA Science

John Malott has built organisations of over 100,000 distributers in 8 countries, just check out his Instagram for that. His team has been paid hundreds of millions of dollars.

He has been featured in countless publications including, Forbes, Entrepreneur, Thrive Global, Success From Home, and USA TODAY.

John has built a solid reputation of helping others win and win big. John has only been with 2 network marketing companies in 24 years, so when he makes a move people pay close attention.

John Malott has joined forces with the brand-new Designer Nutrition company, ÜFORIA Science,  that uses your DNA to look for variances when it comes to heart, brain, cholesterol, immune system, and much more.

To customize a nutrition product tailored to Your body’s specific needs. truly made to order designer nutrition, 400 million possible unique formulas and one of them is yours.

John stated:

My decision to join Uforia Science was simple, but the 16-month journey to find my new home was not.

“Look, a lot of people talk about how network marketing has been beneficial or changed their lives.  For me Network Marketing SAVED my life! I don’t have the things society says your supposed to have to be successful. I don’t have a college degree or even a high school diploma.

I was so off track when I was young. My first felony arrest was at 15. I spent a lot of my young life in and out of juvenile detention facilities. At that time crack cocaine was tearing apart my neighbourhood. I had a heart attack at 17 from smoking crack.

By the time I left the drug rehab facility I was broken and ashamed.

I had destroyed most of my relationships and was way behind on life.  Years later I would lose my 21-year-old sister to heroine.

Network Marketing didn’t care what my background was. Didn’t judge me. Basically, said come as you are, and I did!

I pursued network marketing with the same persistence and determination I did my drug addiction.

24 years in the profession has taught me a lot.  I’m very specific when it comes to aligning with a company. A lot of boxes have to check in the areas of People, Product, and Processes. I looked at 14 companies in the last 12 months. Nothing moved the needle for me. Not they were bad, they just weren’t great! They all looked like another version of something else.

I wanted to be there before momentum, leadership with integrity, cutting edge, relevant, sexy, cool, not easily knocked off, and the BIG ONE ; Amazon Proof!!  I found all that and more.

We build our organization on 5 pillars:

  1. Culture, put people first, make everyone feel welcome.
  2. Social Media, I own the massively successful entrepreneur platform Build Your Empire with over 1.5 million followers on Instagram alone. We use our resources to build our teams social media and personal branding presence. We have every aspect of building automated so busy people can really build from home.
  3. Leadership, we believe in building an organization of leaders developing leaders. We give our team access to the best in leadership development.
  4. Team Building, we believe great teams win championships not individuals.
  5. Track record, we build massive businesses based on real life building not theory or hype.

About ÜFORIA Science

ÜFORIA is the only company that takes your DNA to create truly one-of-a-kind custom nutrition made just for you. Our DNA Test unlocks the secrets to your “Actionable Genes” and their influence on your body.

With nearly 400 million unique formulas, this is your very own customized nutrition. Decades in the making – this is exclusive and proprietary software and technology.

To ensure quality and privacy, your DNA analysis is performed in a US laboratory that is CLIA certified and HIPAA. At ÜFORIA™ we exceed the leading security standards and your personal information is kept confidential and secure. For more information please visit

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