One World Network (OWN) Joins MLM Community

One World Network (OWN) Joins MLM Community

Introducing One World Network (OWN) to the MLM community, OWN aims to improve the health of their clients while providing an opportunity for their representatives to take control of their finances.

With an extensive career of over 30 years, Eric Caprarese has created numerous profitable companies that have changed the face of network marketing…and now he’s ready to OWN the industry.

Eric has been responsible for creating some of the fastest growing companies and brands over the last ten years…and now he is doing it again with One World Network.

Eric Caprarese stated:

“My ultimate goal has always been to build a company that truly allows us all, from every part of the world, to work as one while changing lives in the process.

Thanks to our ‘one of a kind Cloud Technology’ we can reach everyone needing a change in their lives. With One World Network, we are focused on achieving that goal and proving we can help everyone from any part of our One World.”

Eric is delivering results, driving growth, and setting a new standard of excellence throughout the MLM industry. In fact, Eric has personally built organizations from the ground up with volumes well into the hundreds of millions by working closely with his teams and providing them the support, tools, and leadership necessary for explosive, long term international growth.

As you can see, Eric has caught the vision of the future of MLM with his newest creation and is excited to offer OWN to everyone around the world.

Now in over 100 countries and growing, One World Network is growing fast, reaching vast areas, and spreading health and wellness around the world. OWN also has the best compensation plan in the industry.

They provide amazing weight loss products and a groundbreaking business plan that was designed around the financial success of our representatives so they can take control of their future.

Products (PerSu And SubDu – 24 hour Weight loss)

OWN’s daytime and nighttime weight loss samples are designed to help you own your life by increasing your focus and energy, suppressing your appetite, reducing cravings and more.

There is a simple two-step process for you to OWN Your Life.

  1. PerSu is a daytime supplement that provides you with the energy, focus, and appetite suppression to take the first steps toward a healthier you!
  2. SubDu is a nighttime supplement that provides better sleep, digestive health, and stress reduction so you can complete the OWN Your Life Process.

Paired together, these two products create a 24-Hour Weight Loss system that allows you to burn fat around the clock!

About One World Network

One World Network provides a diverse community of people around the world who are interested in OWNING their lives.

With their amazing weight loss products and a groundbreaking business plan, the OWN difference gives them the freedom and means to OWN their health, finances and most importantly their future.

For more information please visit for everything OWN.

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