Top Leaders Steve Condos And Filomena Mazzaferro From Australia Join DagCoin – Success Factory

Top Leaders Steve Condos And Filomena Mazzaferro From Australia Join DagCoin - Success Factory

Steve Condos and Filomena Mazzaferro, from Australia, are a couple and business partners. Although each comes from a different background and with a different experience, both share a common passion: network marketing.

Steve, with a background in engineering, has 20 years of experience in the industry. He says that it is precisely his experience as an engineer that made him detect the potential of this business model and made him fall in love with it instantly.

“Network marketing is a proven industry that has weathered and stood up to the test of time with all the challenges thrown at it over the years (and at its advocates) and it is an industry that is here to stay today, tomorrow and well into future years.

The technological advancements we have seen in the communication technology in the last 20 years, and in more recent years, the incredible growth of global computer networks (Internet) have transformed the industry and have made network marketing the most powerful tool to reach more people and impact many lives.

Network marketing can provide a low-entry ready-made business structure with minimum or no risk, and these features alone make network marketing the business opportunity of choice throughout the world.”

Filomena, although she has been in the industry for only a few years, says that her experience in various businesses and jobs serving clients on a daily basis has worked for her as training to build her success in this new stage of her life.

“I’m new to network marketing, but I’ve learned from Steve, who has a lot of industry knowledge. He has conveyed to me his passion for the industry, and I have made that passion mine. Now I’m so excited to be part of this new project with so much potential.”

Both are currently working in partnership with Success Factory – Dagcoin and as members of the global Success4All team, led the current No. 1 in the ranking of Top Earners, Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala.

“We knew Success Factory since the beginning of 2018, but it wasn’t until the end of the year that we decided to join the company.” – Steve tells – “I first got involved myself with cryptocurrency three years ago, and that’s when I discovered my second big passion with cryptocurrency.

Following our decision to resign from our previous company, I made the conscious decision to be proactive in further educating myself on cryptocurrency and the industry in general.

During that time, while sitting back and looking at various projects, I was able to assess projects and opportunities that were presented to us more effectively because of the valuable knowledge that I had gained.”

Steve Condos On Stage

For Steve and Filomena, the world of cryptocurrency has much in common with the world of network marketing: both stand out at eliminating intermediaries. In the case of Dagcoin, for them, it went a step further by also eliminating mining.

“I was impressed and excited by the technology behind Dagcoin as a cryptocurrency. Addressing the scalability issue and how it affects the level of service that cryptocurrency can provide, i.e., slow transaction speed and increased fees, the fact there is no mining, no need for ‘energy hungry’ technology and waste of energy, so we are using eco-friendly green technology, a definite plus in our world today.”

“The combination of the technology with the definition of network marketing of the company made it much more attractive.” – Filomena declares. – We have watched the company for months before joining and we had proof of its performance. And, in addition, we had the opportunity to return to work with our friends and mentors Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala and also with Roald Mailly and Patricia Numan, who have given us their full support from the first day. Working with Success4All leaders is a sure recipe for success.”

Steve and Filomena have great plans for their partnership with Success Factory and especially with Dagcoin.

“We are committed to the concept and mission of the company to develop the most usable cryptocurrency in the world and to return the concept of cryptocurrency to people, as a tool they can really use. Digital money that people can trust and use on a daily basis.

We have before us a great project with a company focused on results and achievements, with a solid concept and a mission that we understand and share. We are impressed by the way in which the company takes into account the suggestions of leaders and distributors, as well as their infrastructure, technology and everything they have built this year.

We are ready and look forward to getting down to business and having a massive year ahead sharing and impacting many lives with this incredible company, concept and team and reaping the rewards of success with hard work and dedication.”

About Dagcoin

We are a growing and ambitious team based in Estonia, and our goal is to provide a new alternative currency for everyday use to create a common currency.

Our team is doing it by making cryptocurrency payments lightning fast, keeping the transaction fees unnoticeably low and creating a system as easy-to-use as possible.

When we talk about IT development, then this is a continuous never ending process because we live in the era of technology and there are so many bright minds in the world who come up with brilliant ideas all the time. We aim to implement as many of them as possible in our system.

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