Andrea Zucco From Italy Achieves Diamond Rank With Success Factory – Dagcoin

Andrea Zucco From Italy Achieves Diamond Rank With Success Factory - Dagcoin

Andrea Zucco is a young Success Factory leader from Italy and a member of the international team Success4All, led by Igor E. Alberts and Andreea Cimbala-Alberts. With more than 11 years of experience, Andrea is not new to the sales profession. However, his involvement with the network marketing industry is much more recent.

“I had heard about the industry for a long time, but never before had I dared to take the step. I was waiting for the right moment, with the right people and, above all, the right project.


It was a concept that fascinated me, but also intimidated me a lot, I understood that it was a job that had to be taken very seriously, that I had to dedicate effort, perseverance and find the right people to work with.


Now that I’ve dared, I’m amazed. It is an industry that allows me to grow, travel the world, gain new experiences and make new friends that become a family.”

For Andrea, the right people were closer than he imagined. This is how he decided to take the step and join Success Factory:

“I learned about Success Factory through Ilenia Turelli, with whom I had collaborated in other business projects. Ilenia told me about the vision of the company and introduced me to the leadership that is working on it. I understood right away that it was now the right time, the right place and with the right people. Igor Alberts, Andreea Cimbala and Iulian Cimbala have become my mentors.

I liked the project, the company, the vision, the transparency… And especially the leadership.


Teamwork is something that I have always liked and that motivates me, and I’m encouraged by the fact that the company allows teams to grow not only in number, but also individually.


People can grow a lot over time to achieve great results and overcome themselves.

Andrea Zucco was recognized as a Diamond at the past Success Factory event in Dubai, an event that also celebrated the company’s first anniversary.

“After the convention in Dubai, I had the certainty of being in a great company with a very specific vision, mapped out objectives and a very serious commitment to the cause. The feeling was overwhelming in the best sense. It left me speechless, but also fully prepared to continue with more strength: I love teamwork, helping others reach their goals and discover their potential.

Having reached the Diamond rank in such a short period of time is a clear satisfaction, but it’s only the beginning. I want to be better every day at what I do, reach new levels, associate with great leaders, learn from them and teach others.


I want to fly high and my leaders to reach even higher.

Andrea also admits that now that he has become a Diamond he is looking forward to the Diamond Cruise that the company is organizing in June this year in the Mediterranean.

“I think this incredible journey will be a well-deserved reward to all the Diamonds and higher ranks for their effort and dedication, as well as a great opportunity to create closer ties among all the leaders. I’m sure we will all learn something new and come out of the cruise with much more energy.”

Andrea talks about his goals both short and long term, and this is the plan he has for his development as a Success Factory leader:

“My first goal is to improve the lives of people close to me and those who work with me. But I also want Italy, my land, which is one of the most beautiful countries in the world, to be one of the most prominent in the company. I want Italy to fully embrace the vision of Success Factory. And I have a strong team capable of achieving it.”

Andrea admits that, if achieved, it wouldn’t be solely the merit of his leaders in Italy:

“To do a great job, you have to learn from the best, and I am learning from the best: Igor, Andreea and Iulian. They are an example of leadership, consistency, loyalty and faith. I thank my friend Ilenia for presenting me this opportunity. My mentors, for teaching me what I know; the whole Success4All, because being part of this team is already a reward itself. And the company, for having that vision that redefines network marketing.”

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