Shabaz Ahmed From The UK Achieves Chairman 25 Rank With iMarketslive

 Shabaz Ahmed From The UK Achieves Chairman 25 Rank With iMarketslive

Shabaz Ahmed, 23 years young, from the UK is known for his charisma, leadership and poise to develop the minds around him into the leaders they are today, didn’t always have the success story people see him as.

In fact, before he was the youngest European six figure earner at age twenty-one with International Markets Live, he was a high school dropout at the age of 17 receiving government subsidized benefits and welfare checks just to get by.

Success does not just show up, success comes from an unwavering belief in yourself, a tireless work ethic and a vision to be the best. From a kid who dropped out of high school at 17, the ideal of being a successful entrepreneur was not always an easy vision to cultivate.

“Every morning I visualized myself hitting the highest position in my company to the point that I visualized so much I would start to cry because I felt like my life had already changed even when I was still struggling in the present moment”

Shabaz Said, “Most people die at the age of 25 but they’re not buried until the age of 70” that quote stuck with Shabaz and his motives to go out and create his own success story, not just for himself but his mother and all his loved ones.

His driving force, his why for a better life came down to his family and the daily struggles they went through,

We sat down with Shabaz to hear hs story:

Shabaz, how did you get started in this industry?

“I dropped out of education at the age of 17. In high school my grades were mainly ‘F’ or mainly ungraded. I’ve been told by my school teachers that I will be a failure in life and will end up on the street. I used to get put down more than getting encouragement to become better”Shabaz said his teachers only fueled his fire to go out and make something of himself. He found the industry of network marketing just one year later.

“I joined network marketing at the age of 18 by using a credit card to get started but never paid it off until I turned 21. That didn’t mean I had any success over those years but I started to build a belief in myself and a belief in doing things differently. Whilst I was building my network marketing business I was keeping my mind open to other sources of income.

Shabaz Ahmed and part of his team

As that happened I was introduced to trading by a person I recruited in my previous company. Just by seeing the freedom you get with forex trading made me open my mind to potential opportunities.

What is your driving force behind your success?

First it was mainly my mum” Shabaz recalled the feeling of seeing his mum provide for the entire family,”She used to suffer from depression and go through mental break downs every single day because she used to be working in a job where she was bullied every day and come back home crying. But she did it so she could put food on the table so I could eat”.

So, what did you do when you were handed this opportunity?

“I sold my ps4 that I got as a gift and sold it to an exchange shop. I used that money to get started in iMarketslive. I could’ve easily made an excuse and said I didn’t have the money or its too expensive. But what really is expensive is not having money at all” From that day on, Shabaz got to work, honing his skills, perfecting his craft and driving forward to retire his mother.

“After I retired her through the success I gained, I actually struggled to find my purpose and drive again. But then I realized some of my team members are going through the same situations I went through and what my parents went through. The struggles, the government benefits, the school difficulties, my reason why became my team and serving them to the best of my abilities. Money doesn’t really matter to me anymore what matters most is my team who are my family”.

Shabaz Ahmed from the UK

What was the key turning point in your life and in your business?

“The type of leader I had to become and the responsibility for every rank.
I knew if I needed to become a 6/7 figure earner in network marketing I needed to become an alpha leader. To be honest not everyone can come in gain success because they don’t realize what you need to become first as a person or they’re scared of coming out of their comfort zone.
 Your comfort zone is your broke zone. Whilst I was going through trials and disappointments I realized it grew me and it helped me to become more as a person.

No matter what network marketing company you are a part of every compensation plan shows you the requirement of customers you need to be a certain rank but one thing the compensation plan doesn’t show you is the requirement of what type of person you need to become for you to achieve that position.

I tell my team “The more you grow as a person the more you glow as a person” So keep growing and keep glowing”.

Any special people you would like to thank?

Top 10 Income Earners on Business for Home and Chairman 500 Matthew Rosa, and Jason Brown, “Thank you for always being there for me, they have seen me at my lowest point of my life and they have seen me at the highest point of my life and they have supported me when I went back to my lowest point of my life, and celebrated the highs ever since”.

What would you recommend to others who are doing home based business or thinking of getting involved?

If you a part of a home based business find a mentor, you look up to and copy them, become like them. Study them and duplicate them. The only reason why I hit this position is because I learnt from Matthew Rosa Chairman 500, Jason Brown Chairman 500. And just by learning from them I gained a fraction of their success.

But I also put in the work day in and day out. There were times I was so hungry for success that I’ve forgotten to eat and sleep and I was hospitalized for it. I’m not saying sacrifice your health to gain wealth but what I’m saying is realize what your reason why is and don’t quit on it. If your reason why is your parents, your kids, your spouse don’t quit on them, only you can give them the best life. My reason why was way too strong for me to even think about sleeping.

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  1. Shabez, to know that we are in the same Forex Factory makes me so proud. Your story of retiring your mother i can relate to. Being bullied myself at work for years and years made me decide not to go back to work now at 53, but to focus on what Nikki has taught me and learning from IML. I am P600 now and believe we can all make it if we follow your and Nikki’s example. Bless you and your family. Jacqueline x

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