Julio Cesar Camacho Leads The Launch Of bmôr Global In Latin America

Julio Cesar Camacho Leads The Launch Of bmôr Global In Latin America

Latin American Master Agent Julio Cesar Camacho, who lives in San Jose, Costa Rica, is excited to be launching bmôr in his home country of Costa Rica and beyond.

The fact that bmôr has chosen Costa Rica to lead expansion into Central America means so much to us. 


This is such a big opportunity to all Latin America, because we don’t have to wait until all positions are taken.


We can create hall of fame positions starting in Costa Rica, then to the rest of Latin America and expanding worldwide. “

This industry has been a part of my life for over 20 years, starting on the corporate side helping very large and well-known names break into the Costa Rican Market.  I learned a lot during my first 10 years on the corporate side about how the industry works and how it helps so many people hungry for a real opportunity.  That’s when I decided to switch over to the distributor side of the business.

Like so many people I speak with, I had tried different companies in my search of the perfect opportunity. I was fortunate to have great success building teams, but always went with mature companies that had Costa Rica as a late market to open.

I knew the greatest opportunity would be in finding the RIGHT company early and helping them to open Latin America at the beginning of the momentum growth stage, not as an afterthought.

Julio on multiple trips to Las Vegas to visit with bmôr corporate team

My background as a Certified Public Accountant, MBA Marketing Major, Coach, Consultant, Author, and Social Media Analyst, coupled with my corporate and field experience in the industry, give me tremendous insight into choosing the right opportunity.

For me to put my name and reputation on the line, I had to analyze the company inside and out, including making multiple trips to Las Vegas, NV to meet with the Founders and Management Team. 

I’ve been able to work so closely with the Founders and Management Team to bring this amazing opportunity to my country and beyond.  I tell everyone on my team to not waste this opportunity.

“With our first major live event in San Jose, Costa Rica scheduled for June 1st, this is literally the opportunity of a lifetime.”

I’ve been fortunate to spend so much time understanding why this company was created and the opportunity it brings.  Bmôr is about a Lifestyle.  It’s about Living Better.  It’s about Helping Others. And for me, it’s Home.

 About bmôr global

bmôr creates a compelling opportunity for people looking for a healthy, vital life, surrounded by like-minded community.

Launched Summer 2018, the company produces health and beauty products including its Elevate™ Nitric Oxide Booster and Super Resveratrol Antioxidant, URBRU™ Uniquely Roasted and Patented organic coffee, and the OREVE™ line of anti-aging skincare products.

bmôr currently operates in the U.S. and Costa Rica, with teams launching in Vietnam, Hong Kong and Mexico. For more information please visit www.bmôrglobal.com


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