Kyani Convention In Salt Lake City, USA Attracts 5,000 Attendees

Kyani Convention In Salt Lake City, USA Attracts 5,000 Attendees

With nearly 5,000 in attendance at their International Convention in Salt Lake City, Kyäni introduced two new nature-based protein nutritional products named HL5 and FIT20.

Designed to support Kyäni’s Healthy Living Movement, these new products align perfectly with Kyäni’s existing wild and organically sourced nutritional supplements, and provide the solution for one of the most critical but seldom-addressed nutritional deficiencies—the lack of proteins, peptides, and amino acids in our diets.


Derived from natural collagen, and hydrolyzed for maximum absorption, HL5 provides the essential proteins, peptides, and amino acids needed to support an active, healthy lifestyle.

  • Optimize Fat Metabolism
  • Support Healthy Bones, Joints, Skin, & Hair
  • Enjoy Long-Lasting Energy
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Improve Strength & Flexibility

HL5 is all-natural, gluten free, dairy free, non-GMO, and has 0 g sugars.


Made from natural hydrolyzed collagen and grass-fed whey protein isolate, FIT20 delivers the nutrients athletes and active people require for long-lasting energy and Nitric Oxide production, faster workout recovery, and lean muscle building.

  • Increase Strength & Flexibility
  • Improve Workout Recovery
  • Optimize Fat Metabolism
  • Build Lean Muscle
  • Support Bone & Joint Health
  • Boost Long-term Nitric Oxide Production
  • Support Immune System & Antioxidant Production

FIT20 is all-natural, keto friendly, has 0g sugars, and is non-GMO.

The Need for Protein

According to recent studies, only 40 percent of adults receive enough protein from their foods, and the proteins they do get can often be difficult to digest and may not be in a healthy form.

When essential nutrients are missing, instead of aging well, the human body can break down before its time. Collagen protein is second only to water in terms of volume in our body and is essential to our bones, tendons, ligaments, muscles, tissues, and skin. To maintain good health and facilitate healthy aging, it is critical that we supplement our diets with healthy, digestible proteins. With HL5 and FIT20, Kyäni continues to fulfill its mission of hope by offering wellness and opportunity for people around the world.

About Kyäni, Inc.

Kyäni, Inc., founded in 2006, is a global network marketing company based in Idaho Falls, Idaho, USA. From its beginnings, Kyäni has been the globally recognized pioneer of the antioxidant movement by being the first to recognize the efficacy of the Wild Alaskan Blueberry.

Since then, Kyäni has grown into the world’s leading provider of supplements that increase Nitric Oxide production in the human body, and the largest provider of Tocotrienol—the most potent form of Vitamin E available. With their selection of core products, which include The Triangle of Health®, Fleuresse® skin care products, and powerful Protein Nutritionals, Kyäni harnesses the power and potency of wild and natural ingredients to lead the way in increasing and improving overall health and wellness through proper nutrition.

With its value rooted in unrivaled, wild-sourced nutritional supplements, Kyäni is able to offer an aggressive compensation plan for their Business Partners, which includes the opportunity to earn Dream Cars, vacations to exotic locations, and the potential for substantial personal earnings. To learn more about Kyäni products and business opportunities, visit

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