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Oriflame's Co-Founder Jonas Af Jochnick Has Suddenly Passed Away

Oriflame’s Co-Founder Jonas Af Jochnick Has Suddenly Passed Away

“It is with great sadness that we have received the tragic information that Jonas af Jochnick has passed away. 


As late as yesterday, he was in the office full of enthusiasm and ideas for new projects and initiatives, and today he has left us fast and unexpectedly. He will always be a part of Oriflame’s world and values”,

Magnus Brännström, CEO of Oriflame Holding AG, comments.

The brothers Jonas and Robert of Jochnick founded Oriflame Cosmetics 50 years ago. Jonas has since been active in various positions in the company and for many years a member of the company’s board, an assignment he left the previous year when he turned 80. Not to step down, but to have time with his many other engagements.

Jonas af Jochnick was a strong entrepreneur and a true leader. He had a law degree and an MBA from Harvard, and never stopped being open-minded about development and opportunities. His optimism, energy, sharp mind and big heart made him a very successful businessman and role model.

“The loss of Jonas will be immense to Oriflame, both on a personal and professional level.


Jonas’ visionary and entrepreneurial leadership has contributed in a fundamental way to Oriflame’s success and its corporate culture, something he was also very proud of”,

Alexander af Jochnick, Chairman of the Board of Oriflame Holding AG, comments.

Jonas of Jochnick was 81 years old. He leaves his wife Christina, their four children and many grandchildren behind.

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Comments (12)

  1. My condolences to the family…
    I love Oriflame and many friends in my Oriflamer circle,
    “Thank you Jonas”

  2. #thankyoujonas , thank you for everything! With that big dream , we changes live with this great company . Rip and we love you

  3. Thanks for the selfless contributions you’ve rendered the world with Pa Jonas. Your memory lives on till eternity. We love you (I and my humble family).

    We have gained and still gaining from your great dreams.
    Truly, with Oriflame Your Dreams, Our INSPIRATION.

  4. Oriflame is a strong system and will keep the legacy alive. Rest well Pa Jonas. Oriflame Nigeria loves you

  5. My sincere condolences to the family and oriflame family as a whole.Its real a great loss may you rest in peace.Oriflame Kenya we loved you but God loved you most.

  6. Oh my God, I have just learnt of the passing of Mr. af jochnick through my son Ed Wagaba who went to school With his daughter Anna. They were such good friends and Anna’s dad assisted us financially when Ed was joining Howard University. It is so sad to lose someone so kind and generous!! My heart goes out to Mrs. af jochnick, the children and the entire family. May his soul rest peace.

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