Tycoon69 Takes Over Lofi

Tycoon69 Takes Over Lofi

Tycoon69 takes over Lofi and becomes one of the largest offline networks.

The online strategy for the largest travel and online shopping portal worldwide is in full swing.

Tycoon69 has grown to more than 21 countries with around 20,000 members in less than 5 months. In addition, way over 25 million end-customers.

Every day, the company breaks one record after another.

Entrance of Top Networkers is in full swing.

By entering Blockchain and Mobile Banking, Tycoon69 connects the world’s strongest industries together. The potential for people in sales could not be better fulfilled. Tycoon69 has long shot from an insider tip in the Super League and convinces with its innovative solutions.

In Tycoon69, people earn incomes that they have never experienced before, and the pull of the company is massive and international.

On 1. June 2019, the company presents its strategies in Salzburg Arena and shows its whole face.

Top speakers, international and blockchain experts and bank experts will show what is behind it and point out the enormous opportunities that are now available to millions of people. This company combines the fintech, blockchain, online and offline sector, as well as banking and sales of needs worldwide and has created the foundation to shoot the top 10 in this industry.

The plan of the future stands and thousands of people worldwide join this company.

If you want to be in the Salzburg arena on June 1st, you should not miss this opportunity.

Stefan Hostettler, CEO and Founder, has set up a program that bestows the people who are in Salzburg Arena.

The new products are exclusively made available for only two months to those who attend the big event. Clear and massive market advantage is for everyone involved.

Only then will it be unlocked in the back office after two months for all other members. A strategy that has a crystal clear reason. We want to inform people who are actively involved and meet the news directly.

They should feel the benefits directly. Netcoo will also be there live and many well-known faces from the industry will be there for the first time. With the purchase of Lofi, Tycoon69 has gained market advantages that have never been seen before.

The next big deal is just about to start at the event.

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  1. Die beste Entscheidung, die ich bisher in meinem Leben getroffen habe. Tolle Leistung Stefan, ich bin stolz in deinem Team zu sein !

  2. Die Zukunft heißt Tycoon69!!!
    “Ohne Vision gehen wir zugrunde”.
    Und je schneller du handelst, desto schneller ändert sich dein Leben, du holst deine Freiheit zurück und fängst an, das Leben zu leben, von dem du immer geträumt hast.

  3. Die ZUKUNFT heisst BCB4U plus TyCoon69 diese Unternehmen zeigen zukünftig ALLEN Mitmenschen,
    dass vieles viel besser und einfacher geht auf dieser WELT und das zum “GROßEN VORTEIL” jedes

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