Why Network Marketing? 4 Passport Booklets

Why Network Marketing? 4 Passport Booklets

I just received a set of, fresh off the press, John Haremza’s 4 Passport Booklets.

This was a brilliant idea ….  a set of 4 Passport Size booklets that are intended to be quick and easy guides to the most important topics we as network marketers are continually challenged on.

They are not overwhelming but they each focus on one single issue, key issues such as;

  1. Why Network Marketing? – An excellent prospecting tool.
  2. Mindset – How important is what you think about?
  3. Overcoming Objections – Common sense answers to common questions.
  4. Small Steps to the Top – Every decision counts no matter how small it seems.

The good news is that we can all take those Small Steps everyday, everyday, everyday.


These booklets offer tremendous benefits as well as being great for gifts or as a follow-up tool with prospects.

“Why Network Marketing” is particularly good for prospecting.  It addresses so many of the misconceptions that we deal with.  So many of our prospects just do not understand the incredible benefits that network marketing offers from lifestyle freedom to products that make a tangible difference.

You can get these booklets at John’s website 4 Passport Booklets

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