23 year Old MLM Company WildTree Out Of Business

23 year Old MLM Company WildTree Out Of Business

According to several messages on social Media, Network Marketing company Wildtree is closing down end of July.

Wildtree was born over 20 years ago, out of the garage of Leslie Montie, a mom with a major need: nutritious mealtime solutions for her kids. Since then, Wildtree has become a leader in meal solutions for families all over America.

Giving Back is a large part of the Wildtree Mission. In addition to campaigns in response to natural disasters throughout the year, and helping those in need in our own Wildtree family, Reps have the opportunity to take part in a volunteer day every year at our national conference, STIR.

The project each year is dependent upon the location and an assessment of needs in the local community. These projects have ranged from packing over 33,000 meals for hunger relief organizations to giving of our time, talents, and treasures. We do this because we believe there is no greater gift you can give than your time.



About Wildtree

Today, we produce affordable meal solutions for busy people that accommodate a variety of dietary restrictions and preferences, including gluten-free, low-sugar, vegetarian, vegan, kosher, and organic options. Wildtree Customers can solve their meal time needs based on their individual lifestyle with our Wildtree Fresh, Wildtree Kits, and Wildtree Wellness meal solutions.

Get more information, facts and figures about Wildtree, click here for the Wildtree overview.

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    1. Thats again a comment from another ignorant. You don’t say it when corporations that makes u work like slaves yet pay you peanuts close down.

      1. Very true HF, those ignorants lend their ears only to hoax, but not to the legends like Bill Gates, Warren Buffets etc. If anything remaining for new age era, that is called Network Marketing, nothing else…

          1. Did you know Warren Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway. They have 100% holding in a MLM

          2. Did you know Warren Buffet owns Berkshire Hathaway. They have 100% holding in a MLM.

      2. I am so sad that I was just introduced to wild tree this year. It has helped me with meal prep and having heathy and Delicious meals for my family. I am very sad.

    2. The great thing about the MLM Industry is it teaches us to be tolerant of ignorant, educated individuals who would rather take the time to make rude, ignorant comments than actually GET EDUCATED about a $200 Billion Year Industry…Thank You Lesley you’ve allowed us to master our patience and tolerance!!!

      1. 1) Clearly you _haven’t_ learned to “master your patience and tolerance,” or you wouldn’t have made such a passive aggressive post, lol.
        2) What a shame to know that despite spending years in pharmacy school to get my DOCTORATE, I am actually ignorant and uneducated because I know MLMs are a scam! Clearly choosing to go into a profession where I get steady, reliable paychecks each month that earn me six figures a year, and where I get to _actually_ help others (vs. “helping” them by shilling crap products) was a mistake…I definitely should have gotten a job with one of the MLM companies that are part of this “$200 Billion/Year Industry” so I could make pennies each month!

        Bye, Felicia.

        1. FYI… There is a health related history to this company. Leslie WAS a pharmacist and this business got her out of the crazy hell that pharmacy is today (well, retail is anyhow). She helped an amazing number of families (one being her own) by developing quick, easy and, yes, HEALTHY meal products. She shared those products with many people and some of those people had businesses where they were making six figure salaries and MORE than a pharmacist makes (and yes I know how much that is). It’s very sad for all of us who loved the products, but even more so for those folks who made a living supporting their families with this business. Imagine the stress you would feel and the loss of income you would experience if your job were ripped away from you tomorrow. I’m sure you will agree that’s not a pleasant experience.

    1. Rude comment from someone with no profile picture. Fat shaming is the last acceptable prejudice. So easy to be rude from the comfort of your armchair…

      1. So sorry to hear this news. May each Distributor and corporate employees be blessed with support, calm and love during this time.

      2. Molly let me guess, you a fat cow too? Fat shaming is the funniest thing to do to fatties. Sure most fatties don’t deserve it, but we only say those things because we care and want you to lose weight, so you can finally start to be healthy again.

    2. Seriously? Emily, who hurt you in the past? I will pray you are receiving professional help for your animosity. Leslie had one mission when developing Wildtree; her children’s health. The company grew quickly and recently had a resurgence. Their products were awesome and their vitality and enthusiasm for sharing a healthy product and opportunity were a welcomed eninty.

      1. If someone is obese and trying to give out health advice, you do the exact opposite as they say, or rather just don’t fucking listen to them.

        1. The issue of health isn’t just limited to size. For some , the issue is being able to eat food safely because of food allergies. Or it could be to eat food not filled with extra ingredients to which are not needed and cause additional health problems (additional sugars, salt, dyes, etc).

  1. Lesley why do you say that about Wildtree? They offered healthy meal solutions to busy families. I attended and even hosted the freezer meal workshops. They were awesome. I was never pressured to do anything I didn’t want to do i.e. as in sign up as a rep. I wanted to purchase some of their products and learn how to use them to make healthy, tasty meals for my family. Yes there are shady, unethical mlm companies out there but I don’t believe Wildtree was one of them. I’m sorry to see they are shutting down and I wish the best to all those who were reps and shared the wonderful products with others.

  2. It’s sad to hear that, we are strong together in the industry! The challenge is that some of companies their marketing plan is outdated!! There is a need for innovation, otherwise the world is growing on a high speed with technology. My massage to the members been working with that company is, it’s your company closing but not the entire industry, get up and pick yet another company with dated marketing plan and you move on. Contact me I have a hot one watsapp +260961383304

    1. Yvonne, please keep in mind that you have used your real name and photo to call someone the B word on social media, where it is accessible by all, for instance. If you stay courteous (no profanity), it reflects better on you and your employer.

  3. Seriously? Emily, who hurt you in the past? I will pray you are receiving professional help for your animosity. Leslie had one mission when developing Wildtree; her children’s health. The company grew quickly and recently had a resurgence. Their products were awesome and their vitality and enthusiasm for sharing a healthy product and opportunity were a welcomed eninty.

  4. I want to congratulate every associate who had a chance to take Advantage of the MLM way through this company. Network marketing is the FUTURE! And it’s not going anywhere. I am not apart of this company, however I have been in the MLM game for 20 years. For those of you that are looking for another solid company, join me & the mission of LegalShield. A MLM company that have been around for almost 50 years. And by the way we (LegalShield) were the guest speaker for the attorney generals from all states 2 weeks ago. “Can you say clue”
    LegalShied is here to stay. For more info contact:
    Otis Clark (601)906-7330

  5. There are two types of people. Those who are closed minded and hate progress, therefore destroying the world. Then there are those who are open minded, willing to serve to bring humanity forward. Wildtree isn’t my company but I know there are people who do extraordinary things through network Marketing to serve missions, put money back into their hometowns, and create a way of possibilities for people. For those who speak negatively about it, simply don’t t draw facts and come to conclusions based on the “telephone” game.

  6. It’s unfortunate that another MLM went out of business and it gives outsiders a chance to criticize the industry. MLM is a simply a way of marketing a product, but to the people that join it can be life changing. I read that with a good company a person that puts in the same amount of time with a MLM has 12 times greater chance of achieving a $100,000 income than a person with a college degree.

    To achieve this the company must have a product with real value and can be duplicated by anyone. It must help the last person in and the rep that is small time just as much as the big hitters.

    I had a person going door to door recently selling cable subscriptions. i told him I was interested but he had to look at what I had to offer as well. When he found out it was MLM he said no way. So I asked him, “When you sell to someone you make a commission right? So do I. Do you also get a residual commission every time they make a monthly payment? With us we get 5% for life. Do you get leadership bonuses when your sales reach certain levels? With us we get a car bonuses with as few as 30 people paying their monthly fee. Can you bring in other people and train them to be sales people and get an over ride on their sales, residual and bonuses. We do.
    The company I am with is just over three years old. US based and has over 150,000 members in 178 countries. It has over 500 people getting monthly car bonuses and over 5,000 getting $200 added every month to their vacation account. It has six people already making over $100,000 per month. The website and all marketing material is translated into 14 languages. All this and it is just about ready to hit critical velocity where having your team built now will reward you in major ways very soon.
    Feel free to contact me for more information.

    Michael McCusker

  7. I’m happy that you had the courage to dream. This is major and not everyone can do that. God knows that I’ll pray for the best. Be sure to contact me anytime at muhammadshaheed.ladiesofjustice.com
    I’d love to assist you to get started again.

  8. Although I never heard of Wildtree, it sounds like it was an amazing company with an amazing mission. I wish everyone the best. Companies (not just MLM) come and they go for whatever reason, but that doesn’t mean to stop pursuing your dreams and aspirations. I love MLM and affiliate marketing . Wish everyone the best.

  9. Hello everyone. Sometimes one door has to close to make room for what’s ahead. Bigger and better. If anyone would be interested in a company where you can leave a legacy to your kids, spouse any family member plus love to travel get in touch with me. [email protected]. Best wishes.

  10. I do not know the company. I do not know the products. I do not know the compensation plan. What I understand based on my NWMng experience, starting 1995, is the fact that if a company has stayed in the business over 20 years, it is a huge achievement! Big Congratulations to this company! Even in traditional business 80% companies never have 2 year birthday party. 95 % of companies never have a 5 year birthday party. Only about 1 or max 2 companies out of 10000 companies in traditional business will achieve 100 MUSD turnover per annum. So when a company has lived over 20 years it is a big achievement. You have to understand the laws of business. Of course it is also a pity if a company will close the doors from our industry. But. Huge achievement!

  11. Great job to all who kept this company going for so long and undoubtedly helped feed a lot of needy people; I wish you the best in your future endeavors. ??

  12. My guess is that they didn’t want to go up against the 22 year old Canadian company that’s launching this month in the US.
    It’s Non-GMO Project Verified, gluten-free, nut-free, spices are not irradiated… and so they to take a bow and closed shop.

    1. I think you might be right! Epicure is the name of the new company coming. It’s always sad to see a company close down because it affects a lot of people all at once. But as many have said, when one door closes, often many others open. There also needs to be more done to communicate the difference between an MLM company and one of Direct Sales. Big, huge difference between the two!

  13. So sad to see this end. ? My husband and I absolutely love our rep and did these fun food workshops together. Great product and people. I wish them all the best.

  14. So sad to see this end. ? My husband and I absolutely love our rep and did these fun food workshops together. Great product and people. I wish them all the best.

  15. I heard about Wildtree. If you like to know about a Company that is not an MLM build with integrity for over 35 years contact me privately for info You will love their natural non chemicals products at a wholesale price

  16. It is so sad to see direct sales Company’s close because there are so many people that depend on the income. We are reaching out to all that no longer work with WildTree. We will help put you back in business. No investment . Email me please for details. I am with this company for 34 and they are family owned 64 years .

  17. Doing your research into companies with longevity and history and growth is very important. After the company I was with fell apart last September, I was determined to not have to go through that again. I truly wanted a company that I could build once and it last a lifetime. I found it, but it took some research. And I now have the confidence that what I am pouring into this company will be a legacy left to my children and grandchildren.

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