Danish Power Couple Mikael And Miranda Van Gogh Partner With Zija International

Danish Power Couple Mikael And Miranda Van Gogh Partner With Zija International

Zija International, market leader in plant-based solutions for health, wellness, and beauty, is a direct-selling company founded and grown from Lehi, Utah to more than 50 countries across the globe.

Led by Jeremy Redd (CEO) and Ken Brailsford (Founder), Zija is creating strong growth in 2019 through new product releases, trip incentives, and initiatives that attract new leaders, and a competitive rewards structure to retain them.

In Europe, a new shining star is represented by the Danish power couple Mikael & Miranda Van Gogh: with more than fourteen years of experience in the network marketing industry and a sound social media marketing strategy, they have risen to leadership levels in less than 30 days and are quickly qualifying for bonus programs and Zija’s Summer Success Trip, creating lightning-fast expansion within the market.

 “The short amount of time working with Zija and TDGN has been absolutely mind blowing. The leadership, support and love we have seen and felt is like none other we have ever experienced in our 14 years in this industry.


The way we all work together, lift and help each other is something that is really missing all over this industry and we are beyond grateful to finally have found our true home and family. Having access to top leaders every single day is what success is all about”.  

stated Mikael & Miranda Van Gogh

Mikael and Miranda Van Gogh’s values perfectly align with Zija International’s core vision and mission: a better life through the power of high quality products, and a first-class business opportunity.

They are pioneering the Danish market, providing a platform for locals and online followers alike to learn how to harness Zija’s plant-based solutions and Impact plan, together with a smart social media framework, to build a stable residual income and find success and fulfillment.

Mikael and Miranda have been able to attract and build a team of dedicated individuals who work towards the same purpose and are led by the same ideals, and are expanding not only to other countries within Europe, but also the US and Canada, to take their business to the next level in 2019.

“Our goal with our team moving into 2020 is to do what we do best and that is meeting people where they are, holding their hand and building them up every single step of the way so they too can reach their goals and dreams.


We are building amazing people into true leaders, for them to build more leaders”. 

Having mentored over 1500 entrepreneurs for free via social media over the past years, Mikael and Miranda showcase true passion, commitment and determination for individual people that would like tobecome successful & profitable within their business venture.

Social media is a prospecting tool more and more popular every day, with business builders flocking to understand how it can work to their benefit and editing their posts, pictures, and communication to collect more Likes, Shares, and engagement. Zija’s power couple, Mikael and Miranda, ride the wave of this 21st century revolution in leads and prospecting, utilizing proven tools and techniques to recruit within a place where most of us spend hours every day: our smartphone screens.

About Zija International

Zija International, a privately held and privately-funded business founded by Kenneth E. Brailsford and led by President and CEO, Jeremy Redd, develops natural health, wellness, and beauty products. The company operates in more than 50 countries worldwide, pioneering the #NaturalHealthRevolution to help individuals achieve Life Unlimited.

Zija has seen consistent growth every year since it was founded over a decade and has received several awards, including and being named the Fastest-Growing Company in Utah’ by Utah Business Magazine.

It has also been recognized on fastest-growing and top-revenue lists by Inc. Magazine, Direct Selling News and Utah Valley Magazine, and has received industry-specific MarComm, American Business (Stevies), and Davey Awards.

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