Michelle Eldridge From Drug Addict To Network Marketing Leader

Michelle Eldridge From Drug Addict To Network Marketing Leader

At the Association Of Network Marketing Professionals (ANMP) Congress in Dallas – Michelle Eldridge presentation on stage was one of the great examples what Network Marketing can do for some one. With a heavy drugs related background, no friends, and only $40 on her account she started as a distributor and build a solid team.

This is her story:

Michelle grew up in a drug filled environment, it was the cycle for most of her family. She made straight A’s in school, that was her safe place, besides her great grandparents home. She thought she would never turn to drugs…

Until she was 14 & lost her virginity by being raped. She blamed herself, because she snuck out with her boyfriend. She wanted to fit in & they were taking shots of alcohol, so she did too, until she passed out. She woke up to a man raping her, who was NOT her boyfriend.

That’s when she turned to drugs. She felt dirty & ashamed, and had no idea how to deal with it… so it was easy to go that route, that’s how most everyone around her dealt with their problems. Fast forward, she was in 5 rehabs from 18-21 years  old, was in jail most of the time from 18-22.. but when she was out, she was homeless… selling her body for a fix & food.. she slept in a farmer’s market & had gone down the IV drug use path…

Michelle police picture and as re-born MLM leader

She was told by many that she’d never amount to anything, that she was trash, she was worthless & she believed them. Until she met a man, who had just got out of prison himself & found herself feeling something for the first time… LOVE!

With Garrett & Sylvia McGrath on stage at the ANMP

She found that she didn’t want to lose that feeling, and the IV use was keeping her numb… so she decided enough was enough. He believed in her, he told her he knew she could stop if she wanted to..

She started going to church, her friend took her every Sunday & she found strength in her faith… then she got pregnant with her son, and that kept her motivated to continue on the path of no iv use. Fast forward- that man, her husband, was shot & after suffered from PTSD. No one would help her help him.

She was from a small town, so everyone knew her past… So, her husband was arrested for things he couldn’t help, because he was suffering with no help… 


At this time she’d had another child, a daughter; and had never had a job, her husband had always worked.

She found herself alone with two kids, with $40 total to her name! No car & no savings. She couldn’t get a job at the local family dollar because of her background check. She was afraid she would lose her kids because her electricity would soon be cut off & she didn’t know how she could get the money to survive.

She had a phone, that was her lifeline.. and just so happened she was invited to a Facebook Class, and saw this girl sharing makeup.. Michelle thought that it looked easy, considering she didnt wear makeup, it would have to be if she was going to do it.

She found the prices were affordable & she thought if other people can do this I can learn to do it too. She sold her kids toys, pictures off her wall & her clothes to enroll as an artist with Maskcara Beauty on September 2, 2017.

She didn’t have an Instagram at the time & only had 150 Facebook friends but she knew that social media could bring people together in such a way that even if her town wasn’t supportive she could find people.

She immediately started doing live videos- she told people she had no idea what she was doing but if she could put the makeup on & look good, she knew they could. And they loved it! She searched on Google to find some direction, until she found Ray & Jessica Higdon… she joined their group called Rankmakers & began implementing what they taught!

Michelle Eldridge sharing her story with Ray Higdon

Her social media started to grow & so did her checks! She has been able to earn a spot at an exclusive event for the top 30 in the company, top 1% & she also earned the first incentive trip to Cancun out of around 8k artists she was one off 55 who earned the trip & was in the top 25 of those! She has spoken on stage for the Higdon Group’s Prospecting & Duplication Summit & Top Earner Academy Live, as well as ANMP 2019.

She believes that everyone can create success in this industry if they truly want to. She says God, her kids , being her authentic self, following directions, getting to events, & not waiting to be perfect to take action, have been the key reasons for her success.

Michelle Eldridge with her kids and new friends

Her vision is to share her message of “everyone matters & everyone is enough”- to help leaders create a strong culture within organizations all over the world, because she says if everyone is loved they will stay forever.


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  1. Michelle, Thank you for allowing Ted and Business from Home to share your very moving and emotional story. You are a hero for all of us to look up to because you saw a way to change your situation and you went for it. Most people are held back by fear, but you put your family first, found a way and I am personally so proud of you. Much continued success to you and your team in your company and in this incredible industry.

  2. God has given inner power to every human being. Her inner power great surprising one. Network marketing power is also a inner burning desire to come up in life. A great role model. Congratulations.

  3. Hey hiya there Michelle, my name is Glyn, I’m from a city called Perth. WA Australia, down under, as the saying goes ?haha.. But originally from the UK, England, so I’m still a good O’ll pom at heart.. I was just reading your loving emotional story, and I have to admit it put tears in my eyes.
    I myself have always been open minded, curious and interested in Relationships/Network marketing/ and realy believe in this Network Marketing concept, in creating several 2nd ongoing residual passive income streams, rather than working a normal job until you retire and having to rely on superannuation and/or gov pension.. And thanku so much for sharing your emotional story.. God bless you and your kids..

    Kind Regards??
    Glyn Davis
    [email protected]

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