MyDailyChoice Expands To Nigeria And West Africa

MyDailyChoice Expands To Nigeria And West Africa

With a new focus on global expansion, MyDailyChoice (MDC) has announced that 7 HempWorx products are launching in Nigeria and throughout West Africa. The first Pre- Launch Event is scheduled for July 27th, 2019 in Ikeja Lagos, Nigeria.

“I believe that Africa is set to be the next powerhouse in the Cannabis industry. Expanding to Nigeria is an exciting venture for us. They have a passion for unique products, and they are great Networkers.


We look forward to changing many lives in Nigeria.”,

says CEO & Founder, Josh Zwagil.

As of July 1st, 2019, MDC is fully operational with a Corporate Office in Lagos. Not only can Nigerians pay for HempWorx products and get paid commissions in local Naira currency, there are two product pick up points in Abuja and Port Harcourt.

MyDailyChoice Nigeria

MDC has hired a new VP of International Expansion, Joel Theler.

Joel Theler was previously the CEO of LivElite, a Network Marketing Company where CEO Josh Zwagil was formerly a Top Distributor.

“It was an honor to meet some of our Nigerian Affiliates as I made my 16th trip to Nigeria this past weekend. I couldn’t be more excited to greet 1,500 of our Nigerian Affiliates on July 27th.


With product readily available and an opportunity like never seen before in Nigeria, we are ready to explode.”,

says Joel Theler.

Visit for more information regarding the MDC Official Nigerian Pre-Launch Event.

About MyDailyChoice

At MyDailyChoice, we are 100% committed to providing our independent business owners and customers with the most attractive and highest quality product lines within top-trending industries.

Our mission is to empower families around the world through good health, financial opportunities and the smart daily choices that can deliver both. That is why we provide an unprecedented compensation plan and a unique and innovative line of products made with the highest quality CBD oil, grown and manufactured right here in the US.

MyDailyChoice was founded in 2014, merged with HempWorx in 2017, and is currently headquartered in Las Vegas, NV. Under the leadership of Founders Josh and Jenna Zwagil, MDC reached $100 million in sales in 2018. For more information please visit and


Get more information, facts and figures about MyDailyChoice, click here for the MyDailyChoice overview.

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Comments (46)

  1. Having been with this company 4+ years as a founding member I am so happy and honoured to finally see our expansion happen in Nigeria ??

    Let’s rock this my friends it’s now time!

    1. How about in South Africa, I tried a month ago to get started to MDC and got a message saying that Hempworx is not available in South Africa

      1. Don’t worry Sharon!! The process has already started for the registration. We are hopeful and excited that MDC will be breaking ground here in South Africa in just few months.

          1. Hi Emmanuel, there is already an office in Ghana Accra, should you need more information about being part of the MDC movement let me know.

  2. Finally!!!! So excited to officially have MyDailyChoice in my home!!! After running this business for over a year without company presence, it is a huge relief to have the products finally on ground officially!
    Win with us!

  3. I have been with MDC/HEMPWORX for a little over a year and to see how fast our company is growing and expanding its so exciting!! Nigeria is going to be a great expansion of the passion and growth we all thrive on!! ??

  4. I’m over the moon with joy because of MDC’s presence in Nigeria. We’ll show the world the stuff we are made of when it comes to network marketing. MDC leads the way. Testimonials will come from every home!

  5. It’s amazing to see MyDailyChoice Company create an in-road into the Nigeria market. I am now Relief from the hurdles of ordering Hempworx/MDC products abroad. I don’t have to wait 3 weeks for products to arrived from USA. In Nigeria, delivery is fast, smooth and efficient. Thank you for believing in us… Nigeria Team!

  6. Very excited to hear the news.
    Nigeria is going to thrive and will lead the way for the rest of AFRICA.
    Looking forward to helping those who are willing to work and help others to change their lives.
    Do not miss this MOVEMENT!!

  7. This is amazing news! This is just one more step that the company is taking to expand our businesses and products globally that will allow independent businesses owners to create and develop teams around the globe.

  8. Congratulations. Great news. Just signed my first Nigerian Pre-Enrollee yesterday. So totally surprised and excited about the Launch.

  9. As a pioneer affiliate of MDC in Nigeria I can say that the timing is very right. Being able to order products, walk into the office and within minutes walk out with the products in your hand is a dream come true. Thank you MDC family.

  10. I am so very proud to be a part of this company and Josh & Jenna. They have changed so many lives with their products as well as their pay plans. Big Congratulations to opening in a new country!!

  11. I am so excited about this new expansion. To create more jobs in Africa empowering families and more options leads to more of Africa working towards financial independence. Having family in West Africa I know that people are searching for options. So looking forward to meeting our Nigerian brothers and sisters. Thanks, Josh and Jenna for your vision. Huge congrats!

  12. Can’t wait to see more and more people from Nigeria in the family!!! 😀 😀 This is going to be crazy!! Thank you Josh, Jenna and Joel and the entire corporate team for the work you are doing to enrich so many lives around the world!! The world is grateful for you all!

  13. So excited for our company and our brothers and sisters in Nigeria! Thank you Josh and Jenna! Looking forward to working with entrepreneurs in Nigeria and all over the globe, as MDC/Hempworx expands.

  14. This products is amazing, I have bought it use it and introduce it to many people , who also testified to its effectiveness. It’s a must for every home. As Jesus Christ the Lord is a must accept by everyone. I wish to be part of the company. Thanks.

  15. I’ve just hit my one year Anniversary a couple weeks ago with Hempworx! It has been an incredible ride so far, I can’t even imagine what this next year will look like. Get ready Africa, because we’re taking over!!! ??

  16. Great to see as some people from Nigeria have been trying to get Nigeria going for a while. Thank you Jenna & Josh. Hempworx/MDC is a great way for the average person to succeed. Helping everyone get their product paid for is the key. God bless everyone

    1. Hi Joseph. I am already a member of MDC and just placed my order from the USA office. Please reach me on +254715390003 and I can advise you on how you can get started while awaiting MDC to launch in Kenya.

  17. Please can you post the contact information about the Abuja and Lagos coordinator to me please,the people I’ve been meeting are retailer.urgent please

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