OneCoin Ponzi Victims Submit A Lawsuit In New York, USA

OneCoin Ponzi Victims Submit A Lawsuit In New York, USA

After the arrest of Konstantin Ignatov, brother to the highly sought-after CEO of OneCoin, those who fell for the scam are already in court.

One of them, believed to have lost more than $750,000 in the scam, has filed a lawsuit, suing the Ponzi scheme, Onecoin Ltd. Ruja Ignatova, Konstantin Ignotov, Sebastian Greenwood and Mark Scott.

The lead plaintiff, identified as Donald Berdeaux, pumped about $755,918.92 into OneCoin, according to documents currently in a Manhattan court. He invested the entire chunk between August 2015 and May 2016, investing an estimated $76,000 a month during the entire period.

By November 2015, Berdeaux has deposited $252,096.32 in the scam, an amount he later topped up with $504,822.60. He, however, isn’t the only victim, as more and more people continue filling their complaints.

Another co-complainant lost over $100,000.

Another complainant, identified as Christine Grablis, an already proposed co-lead plaintiff, lost over $100,000.

According to the evidence filed in the lawsuit, Grablis poured $64,813 into it between August and November, 2015.


Between January and August, she added $38,765, bringing the entire amount to $103,578.

OneCoin, a Sofia-based crypto scam project, was headed by Ruja Ignatova, Ignatov’s sister who has since gone underground. Konstantin Ignatov, meanwhile, denied the charges of wire fraud last month and was denied bail, despite offering a $20 million personal recognizance bond. According to the FBI, he’s best kept in custody as he could be a flight risk.

While filing the lawsuits, however, both appellants believe that no other victim suffered the biggest loss among those who fell for the scam. Those who’ve already been listed as among the defendants in the case include Konstantin Ignatov who is currently behind bars.

OneCoin is believed to have generated about $3.8 billion in revenues in the two years it was operating. The scheme was launched in the last quarter of 2014 and run up to the 3rdquarter of 2016, when it was finally brought down.

Among those who invested in it, the lure of rapid growth through its multi-level marketing approach was too enticing to ignore. Basically, recruits were to earn from it by attracting, recruiting and selling educational materials to other naïve investors. Interestingly, the same material they sold to new recruits was nothing more than content lifted off the internet and the Wikipedia.

The prize for winning a new recruit was a commission of between 10% and 25% of the cost of the educational material sold. Surprisingly, the scam is still happening today with some websites selling copies of the material for between €110 and €55,555.

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Comments (38)

  1. Looking at this Freeport put out Supply one of the competitors of one coin Bitcoin, it amazes me that people are falling for this type of rhetoric. Bitcoin apparently is very fearful of the competition of one coin. Don’t be subjected to one-sided information. Put your thinking cap on and realize Bitcoin is fearful of one coin!

    1. Bitcoin fearful of Onecoin? Really! Onecoin isn’t even on the open market, so wheres the competition to Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s been growing from strength to strength since its inception.
      The scam that is Onecoin was marketed as the next Bitcoin, but where is it today? I know cos I was there for the presentations and bought into the lies.
      €53,000 euros of mine and my family’s hard-earned money – gone with the wind; while the Ignatovas are living the high life wherever they are. People need to wake up and realise what happened with Onecoin was one massive ponzi scam. People like me and many others are still suffering b’cos of it.
      There’s no mission to discredit Onecoin by anyone; onecoin is no competition to Bitcoin by any stretch of the imagination cos it’s not even out in the marketplace if it even exists.

  2. This is a not ponzi scam no1 future is onecoin this is a not dream froud and staunt only white true block chain and digital currency is need to all world future

  3. From all the information made available to public and investors, it must be America first. It is clear that ‘Onecoin does not originate from America. Please let it trife. Let t. Constantin Iginatov be released from detention. Let the theming investors recover their hard earned money, please!

    1. There are people still believe one coin is not scam, educate your self and then argue if that shitcoin onecoin is cryptocurrency sure its not, it lacks Alogarithms, second what is the so called educational package? thats rubbish. Sorry for those who have lost, better file a case against One coin

  4. look at onelife site nothing is happening and no rply are coiming fron other side . All the number got stoped .
    ruja havent seen from 2017.

  5. Hello!
    Any good body can tell me. How we can refund my money which I was invest for onecoin. Is it true this is totally fraud to all investor all over the world.

    1. You can’t refund ….

      You already dashboard account was there and you will earning very soon and you will open your eye and celebrate one day ….

      This is not Fraud
      Because dr ruja will planning to public on the market very soon but you need put negative on it but those who write on the look top this is person talk crap is not true !!!

      You will be watch and wait till they ready

      1. Where is Dr Ruja? I know where she is! She’s hiding under a rock like the cowardly worm that she is. Stop giving people false hope! If this is not true then why isn’t ScamCoin sorry I meant OneCoin initiating legal action for slander and libel! You are just as guilty as them if you continue this farce!

  6. Rubbish biased report without substance! You are calling it scam when the court in question has not report such. I believe this reporter is just a mouth piece to Bitcoin enthusiasts who are afraid of the emergence of Onelife and the new idea also from Facebook.

    1. May , ONECOIN please be listed to market or exchange and be traded to cut the long story short the so the opposing parties and individuals be clear of what ONECOIN really is(no prejudgement). ONECOIN must be a big threat to something it’s ,been so quiet for the past 2 years now that there are news that it’s going to be listed talks are getting too many. Is something feeling pressured of incoming competition yet? THEFORE ACTION SPEAKS LOUDER THAN WORDS !

    1. It seems kind of strange that Bitcoin can be traded on the stock exchange and no one knows who started bitcoin. Who is the CEOs of Bitcoin does anybody know. So the question should be what is bitcoin besides being a cryptocurrency. Can you use Bitcoin to buy goods and services. And if you can who is responsible for protecting your Bitcoin does anybody know. Onecoin you can buy goods and services in other countries on the dealshaker. You-know who know who are CEOs and Vise CEOs. I know he got arrested and is in court right now. But the question should be asked why would he take a risk like that to come to the U.S. and knowing that this may happen. Something to think about. One count of wire fraud. Really! Who gains from his arrest. It makes you think huh.

  7. Hello my fellow investers, alot of rubish has been spoken and smeared around onecoin/ onelife but we’re still standing.Onecoin might be something special in the digital world!

  8. Donald and Christine most probably were paid to tarnish Onecoin when onecoin is very close to its mission impossible. Many crypto players were aware that bitcoin was extremely worried about Onecoin. being the world’s no 1 centralised digital money , a criteria highly emphasised by the G20 countries. If Onecoin was a scam it would not have lasted untill today , and furthermore, onecoin has been charged by many countries over a ponzi scheme but not even a charge was executed so far.

    I rest my case.

  9. Can you please show be a digital wallet which contains onecoin in it? The moment you can do that then I may have a different perspective.

  10. I can’t believe how naive and blind you people are. IT IS A S C A M! How many of you have had any sort of return from this ponzi scheme? None of you! OneCoin depended on greedy foolish people who wanted to get rich quick! That’s why it was so easy to take your money. Keep on living in denial while your “leader” lives the good life with your cash! Christ will return before you will ever see a return on your investment!

  11. When this ponzi started its office in sharjah .i tried to alert my room mates but no one listen to me that time. I hope now they understand how ponzi works .

  12. OneCoin is not scam how ever all allegations is not true. onecoin is the number best Cryptocurrency in the earth with KYC-Know Your Customer as well as AML-Anti Money Legurations there were no any Cryptocurrency have this!!

  13. It is a Ponzi scam!!!! I invested $600 and they won’t let me reset my password to my account because I’m in the USA I’ve tried dozens of times to email them and they say we can’t help you


  14. Please, if i can see some one to help out of mess, i will be very happy, just with my foolishness a friend to my wife introduced us into this so called one coin issue, and up till now any time we called her, she would give us good reply, and we put into it (#276,000.),now am even looking for money to my house rent.

  15. Some good comments. It is so fake I don’t know is it best for me not to reply. Why are they publishing it in the first place? For cents for views maybe. At least they are allowing OneCoin supporters to comment. Most of these websites are so one-sided that they have positive comments about OneCoin blocked. Why are you now allowing me to comment? As before I couldn’t. Have you an inkling that OneCoin is number 1 in reality and will very soon be number 1 in popularity? The only reason OneCoin had to close in US in 2016 in because of unclear and unfair US government laws, which have to be addressed. OneCoin follows all legal requirements in every country. OneCoin will be soon seen for what it is number One cryptocurrency

  16. Why was one coin ponzi scheme and had to stay all those years without being observed? Usually ponzi scheme heat & ran very fast but why delay for all this long? As if they were confident enough & sure.

    1. People have been saying it’s a ponzi scheme for years. Like with everything, it took time to build a case against them. I suppose you are going to say that his arrest is false news as well?

  17. You blind sheep encouraged your family and friends to invest their money. At some point you would have realised what was really going on. Yet still you kept recruiting more and more victims. I can’t help but notice that the majority of ScamCoin supporters are from Asia and Africa! The scammers played on your ignorance and greed! The ship is sinking and you’re still saying everything is ok even though you’re feet are wet! As for Deal Shaker, it’s a JOKE! The launch of OneCoin is like smoke, it keeps disappearing!

  18. All the people saying it is not a scam, are saying so, because they do not want to believe they have been scammed – sorry peeps, it is a ponzi.

    Move on and hope some of the money is recovered.

  19. OneCoin is an absolute fraud, and you are delusional if you think any different.

    Please explain to me, if it isn’t a fraud, that the Ignatova’s have been arrested. They stile from their investors, and now have to answer to the people that they took money from.

  20. Amazing someone like Donald Berdeaux would invest more than $750,000 in One Coin and then file a lawsuit. He is a poster child for a fool!!!! He deserved to lose that money.

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