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Industry Icon Romacio Fulcher Earns Over $169,000 In His First Month At Onyx

Industry Icon Romacio Fulcher Earns Over $169,000 In His First Month At Onyx

Romacio Fulcher, affectionately known as the “California Kid”, returns and once again explodes onto the Network Marketing scene. On July 8th, 2019, Romacio joined and launched his Onyx Lifestyle business.

In true form, he earned over $169,000 dollars of personal income and achieved the rank of Crown Ambassador in his first thirty days.*

A Crown Ambassador produces over $750,000 in sales volume in a 4-week period.

If that was not impressive enough, his global team brought multiple seven figures in sales the first month as well.  Although Romacio’s results in his first month were strong, what he’s most excited for is his global team’s results in their first 30 days. The team is crushing it.

Onyx lifestyle offers a variety of memberships starting at $300. Regardless of what membership you select there is extraordinary opportunity and benefits that come with each.

Now, armed with a lucrative and successful first month, Romacio’s goal is to quickly identify and help 600 additional people, from around the world to build a team and earn over $100,000.

The company Onyx Lifestyle is a new cutting edge, global digital platform boasting VIP services designed to enhance lifestyle. Your private membership includes access to VIP currency money management platform, concierge service as well as deeply discounted travel.

Onyx, through their partnership with GMM, offer members a unique micro lending platform that allows you to elevate your money in the emerging cryptocurrency market.

Earning over $169,000 in commissions, in the first month of any business, is no small feat. Romacio acknowledges his faith in God first.

Romacio Fulcher in his office

He is very excited and grateful to the worldwide team of leaders he has assembled. From the US, China, France, Korea, Canada, Nigeria, Namibia, Taiwan, Malta, Thailand, Germany, South Africa, Mexico, Holland, Malaysia, Japan to Australia. Romacio has assembled an All Star team who collectively produced well over seven figures in sales the first month.

Romacio is moving quickly, with a great sense of speed and purpose, to identify 600 additional leaders. He has a very simple, specific and proven strategy in place, and is confident he will exceed his goals.

* Disclaimer: Individual results will vary depending on successful product sales, which requires hard work, dedication, good sales skills, and leadership. Any bonuses, commissions, or other amounts reflected shall not be considered as guarantees or projections of your actual earnings or profits with this business.


We are a company built around bringing luxury level services to the average person. When you become a member of Onyx, you will gain access to a digital platform built to save you time, money, increase your wealth, and provide you VIP treatment previously reserved only for the elite.

Currency Management Platform: Global banking through your personal account. Connecting you to all the services you need.

Onyx Premier Card: As part of your Onyx Lifestyle Membership, you will receive a Premier Membership Card. It’s not just a card, it’s a key to luxury. There are several membership tiers so you can choose what is right for you.

Crypto Conversion: Let us help you bridge the fiat and crypto markets world wide. Buy, Sell, and use Crypto. Connect your crypto wallet to your everyday activities.

Luxury Benefits: You will receive exclusive access to VIP events that you normally wouldn’t have access to. Whether it’s sporting events, fashion, movie premiers, concerts, nightlife, etc. Whatever your interests, we will help you gain exclusive access.

LQD8 Blocks: Put your money to work through the micro-lending program that allows you to participate in providing liquidity loans to the crypto market.

Wholesale Travel: Book travel through our powerful booking engine or with your personal Onyx concierge. Get access to the best wholesale travel pricing in the world. Please visit our website for more information:


Get more information, fact and figures about Onyx Lifestyle, click here for the Onyx Lifestyle overview.

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  1. *Romacio is an incredible friend and leader. He has a servants heart and truly helps others. I’m so proud of you Mas. Godspeed my brother – Big hugs

  2. Will the real Travis Bott please stand up!! Oh wait, hear I am! If you are going to post a comment and use my name at least have your facts straight, or maybe just have the “00” to use your own name.

    Let’s clarify your BS, because if you knew me you would know I don’t run and hide and certainly not scared of being transparent and telling the facts.

    1. I did not previously own Ryze, I was responsible for introducing the owner of the trading algorithm that was branded Ryze to Hodo which later merged with Kuvera.

    2. Neither Kuvera or myself had any involvement with Capital City Markets aside from using them as a broker recommended by the creator of the algorithm as that was the broker he was currently using at the time we met them. However, both kuvera and Hodo encouraged their members to do their own due diligence before putting funds on deposit with any broker.

    3. When you talk about the broker not allowing people to access their funds, that is correct. Those funds included over $1 million of my personal money. So your comment about the amount of funds is accurate and the majority is my personal money.

    4. One of the few accurate things you have stated is that I have moved on and launched Onyx. Glad to see some truth in all of your misrepresented information.

    5. Almost but not quite there with another partial truth. I did assist Kuvera in launching an ETH mining program where by their members received verified ID numbers for the cards they purchased and the actual equipment they own and still own which is still in the mining facility today waiting for the price to recover. However if you knew anything about mining, which you clearly don’t, you would know that due to the price drop in Crypto it is currently not profitable to mine ETH based on the current price, the difficulty and the power cost associated with mining. Kuvera has been transparent with their members regarding this and regarding the price at which it is estimated to be profitable (as that is dependent on the difficulty at any given time) at which time the mining will be turned back on by the hosting company providing this service.

    I know for someone like you that wants to talk $hit because you have nothing better to do. It is easy to try and make this out to be more that it is, which is simply the price of crypto dropped.

    The only thing I will thank you for is alerting me that David Saffron is promoting Onyx. Although I do not know him personally and have no business dealings with him, his reputation proceeds him and he is not the type of person we want affiliated with or promoting Onyx.

    Regarding the other comments and nonsense, thank you for taking time to read The Business from Home article on Romacio. He is an incredible leader that truly wants to help others succeed and has a work ethic that is unbelievable. The haters will make their amusing comments because they lack these leadership qualities and it is certainly easier to hate on someone that has qualities you don’t, than to go put in the work to develop them yourself.

    Thank you to all of those supporting and hating on Onyx but especially to those that see we are trying to do things in a correct and transparent manner and providing services to our members that they find value in and can benefit from using. If you don’t see the value in our offering please don’t join us.

    I won’t be responding to the haters that will most definitely respond to my comment or reading them as they aren’t worth my time but I thank you in advance for your time and for using your energy to talk about Onyx. We love all press and energy given our way.

    If you want to reach me, my email is [email protected]!

    1. Sorry forgot to thank Ted for taking the time to write and publish an article about Onyx and Romacio.

      Thank you Ted and look forward to seeing you at your event next month!

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