Meet The Founders Of Univia

Meet The Founders Of Univia

As the direct sales industry has grown over the past thirty years, a parallel universe of online marketing has exploded creating a side-gig economy. Attempts to integrate these two have mostly been half-hearted, yielding mediocre results. The potential, though, is enormous. Any company that can successfully combine the best of direct sales with the best of digital marketing is positioned to launch a  revolution for today’s new gig economy.

Univia has stepped up to the challenge. With a simple but powerful mission to create a better life with better products, Univia has staked a claim to be the first fully integrated direct sales online marketing company. Univia is founded by five partners who are excited to start that revolution.

What gives authority to Univia’s claim is the extraordinary talent and experience of its executive founding team. The founders of Univia are true masters of the digital universe. Together, they have touched millions of lives worldwide through a multitude of successful Internet-based marketing initiatives. Quite simply, they know what works online and with social media. 

The founders’ story begins with an obsession of the internet and consumer sales. Before they even partnered, they each enjoyed tremendous success on their own merit. 

They have built and sold multiple companies including an online business coaching course in which the curriculum is taught at several universities, work from home business opportunity programs selling over 3k packages a day; and, influencer marketing networks with 75k+ influencers and over 2 billion in reach and much more.

In 2014, Brandon Eachus, Jeff Smith and Mike Cribari owned an online marketing company mastering the art of internet marketing and selling e-commerce products worldwide. Meanwhile, Kevin Hafen and Steve Lucas, were creating the very products that the other three were selling along with owning a digital agency that managed a vast variety of campaigns for other ecommerce advertisers.

A joint venture soon ensued and the bromance was born. The five became friends, traveled together, enjoyed life and business together. They ultimately became the perfect mix of business partners. Being entrepreneurs, the dream team had ideas of creating a brand together that they could get behind and put all efforts, energy and experience into began.

The idea of building quality products and building a tribe of passionate people that they can teach how to taste similar successes to theirs through their knowledge and new age tactics is how Univia was born.

Univia’s home office is a custom built 14,000 square foot flex warehouse in Saint George, Utah that is filled with a foam pit, zip line, skateboard ramp, basketball court and just about any other toy you could possibly think of. For those that rather not partake, there are chill areas filled with lush lounges and even an inhouse coffee house.

The corporate culture is that work and life should be fun. It’s common to find ping pong championship games going off in the afternoon. 

The founders committed to the long term success of Univia and made key hires of executive positions from those who have extensive experience in the direct sales industry. Univia officially launched in January of 2019 and has quickly become a sensation within the direct sales industry bringing in new age tactics, vision and elements that this space has long been looking for.

Univia’s continued growth is fueled by passion and purpose.  Kevin, Steve, Brandon, Mike and Jeff would like to personally invite you to join them on this journey.  

About Univia

Univia is a leading social selling company distributing cutting edge wellness and personal care products. The company is headquartered in St. George, UT. For more information about Univia’s products or opportunity visit or contact [email protected]


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  1. Go check out company named QNet which is fully online direct selling company and Asia’s leading NM company. How can univia claim it’s the first…. Wrong allegations…

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