Misty Sarvis Achieves Ambassador Rank At Elepreneurs

Misty Sarvis Achieves Ambassador Rank At Elepreneurs

One thing you’ll notice upon meeting Misty Sarvis is her enthusiasm. While the North Carolina hairdresser has achieved plenty of success, both in life and in business, it’s her attitude that has kept her going, even during times of uncertainty.

Misty’s introduction to Elepreneurs came while she was with another direct-selling company.

“My leader, Brittany, told me she was thinking about leaving. I was shocked because I knew how much she was making with the old company, and for her to be leaving, I knew this new opportunity had to be amazing,”

says Misty.

And when Misty joined Elepreneurs, she made rank … fast. “My first month I hit Silver. My second month I hit Gold, Platinum, and Diamond,” she says. During her third month with Elepreneurs, she reached Black Diamond. And the fourth month? Royal Black Diamond.

Misty was riding high … and then that high was over. “Month after month went by, and I was still Royal Black Diamond. I was getting very discouraged because I saw all these other leaders pass me by,” she says.

Then a revelatory call came from a friend. “She told me I had to start doing me first, and if I didn’t, nothing would change. I realized I was teaching my team exactly what to do, but I had no time left in my day to actually do the stuff for myself,” Misty adds.

That change in mindset was all she needed.

“It took me 11 months to hit Ambassador. Was it hard? Yes. Did I ever think about giving up? Never.”

Misty’s advice to new Elepreneurs: “Manifest what you want, set your goals, and post them where you can see them. Say them out loud every day! And most of all,” she adds, “nevergive up!”

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  1. Yes, doing YOU is so important. That is my big thing these days. Since I began embracing that my life and business have really changed.
    Congratulations, Misty! Way to go. Glad you didn’t give up and you listened to wise advice.

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