MLM Companies Underperforming Big Time With Social Media

MLM Companies Underperforming Big Time With Social Media

According to our records: All fast growing network marketing companies have Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Youtube accounts.

You can find load’s of social media tips on the Internet how to improve your channels, however first you have to create a social media presence and some companies fail with that. The dinosaurs…

  1. Some have no corporate Twitter account
  2. Some have no corporate Instagram account
  3. Some have no corporate Youtube account
  4. Some have no corporate Facebook account

Or there is hardly any activity.

We have also noticed social accounts, stolen bij sneaky distributors, trying to sign up prospects or customers with a faked company profile.

Network Marketing, MLM or direct sales companies not using social media are leaving distributors and customers behind with empty hands.


To sell a house without a roof is difficult….

Want to improve this? Hire part-time a smart 16 year old schoolgirl, she can do it for you 🙂

A couple of MLM Companies Underperforming Big Time With Social Media:

  • Deesse International – No Facebook account, No Instagram, No Twitter, no Social buttons on their website. A $50+ million Swiss based cosmetics company.
  • Reico Vital – No Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. A German based $20+ million company selling pet food. Only a youtube link on the corporate front website.
  • NYR OrganicInvalid Twitter account, Youtube’s are 7 years old, no Instagram account. Outdated website. A USA based cosmetics company.
  • Regal Ware – No YouTube, Instagram, Twitter. A privately-held American-owned company and DSA member. Outdated front-page. Are they still in business?
  • Send Out Cards – No Twitter, No Instagram. A $45 million USA based company. No social buttons on the front-pages.

This is just a small selection, approx. 40% of all companies can improve their social media big time, it’s free to use, cost effective to maintain and has a very high return on investment 🙂


Top Performing companies on social media you find here

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  1. The relationship between Distributor and Company is simple, the Distributor does the Sales & Marketing and the Company handles everything else. Therefore if you insist, which you obvious do in tracking Social Media presence of a Company make sure you are including Independent Distributors in this!!!

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