Momentum Start Up Bonus Explained

Momentum Start Up Bonus Explained

We measure momentum by counting and ranking through an algorithm on a daily basis:

  1. Company Alexa ranks: 1,500 points max
  2. Company page views: 1,500 points max
  3. Company reviews by distributors: 1,000 points max
  4. Company YouTube view ranks 1,500 points max
  5. Company YouTube subscribers ranks 1,500 points max
  6. Company Twitter followers (1,500 points max)
  7. Company Momentum start up bonus (1,500 points max)
  8. Company Revenue growth 2019 in % (1,500 points max)
  9. Company Revenue growth in $ Millions (1,000 points max)
  10. Recommended Distributors per company (1,500 points max per July 2020)

Startup companies have often huge momentum, as that’s “the nature of the beast”.

Unfortunately that momentum is underperforming in our metrics.  The new companies social ranks and web traffic has to start up and does not yet provide essential data, and therefore we introduce a “Momentum Start-up Bonus” for the new-comers in the direct sales industry.

The Momentum start up bonus is max. 1,500 points and is at our discretion for companies less than 2 years old.

A few companies protect their Youtube subscribers (Isagenix, Mannatech, Younique and others) use Vimeo video, or their own video / TV system (Lyconet).

Based on their number of subscribers we adjust this in our rankings.

As of August 9, 2019 the next companies qualify for the Momentum or adjustment bonus:

Momentum bonus:

  1. iBuumerang
  2. VYVO
  3. Isxperia
  4. DotDotSmile
  5. Mavie
  6. Dunamis
  7. Bellame
  8. Felice Cafe
  9. Healy World
  10. Ustawi
  11. Jifu
  12. Onyx Lifestyle
  13. ByDzyne
  14. HempSmart
  15. Globallee
  16. Tomorros’w Leaf
  17. Verway
  18. OmegaPro
  19. Elepreneur
  20. Univia
  21. BeneYou
  22. Melius
  23. Enhanzz Global
  24. Uforia


Adjustment for Youtube protection, or other video systems:

  1. Isagenix
  2. Lyconet
  3. Mannatech
  4. Younique
  5. Cabi online
  6. Pruvit

The momentum ranks are here:

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